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The Barcelona strategist hailed the victory against Olmeto on Saturday, allowing the Libertadores to consolidate in the 2022 qualifying stages.

Barcelona Sporting Club “good” with the win against Olmeto on Saturday night. This was emphasized by Fabian Pustos, the coach of the Canaries on the ticket for this year’s Copa Libertadores 2022. The semifinals of the current edition of the Continental Tournament.

With the goals of Lionel Guinness (4 min) and Carlos Corse (86), the Bullfighting team arrived at the Fernando Guerrero Guerrero Stadium in Riobamba to win 2-0 on the 13th day (third to last) of the LaCapro Serie A. Jerry Lyon was eliminated from the local team in the second round, shortly before the end of the first half (45 + 1).

This victory allows Barcelona to position itself within the qualifying ranks of the Libertadores and reduce to four consecutive defeats.. Guayaquil is in fourth place in terms of cast, with 49 points, ahead of Universidad Catolica (3rd).

“The most important thing is success, results, so it’s good to keep fighting,” Pustos told a post-match press conference. After being suspended for a date, the strategist returned to the bench.

Before moving to Olmeto, the Canary Club lost to the Dolphins (4-1), Emelek (2-1), Agos (1-0) and October 9 (1-3); The latter, the hardest defeat for the record at the monumental Bango Picincha Stadium, was not won by the October players.

“You have to keep working. According to reports gathered on social media radio, this is a normal and good game we had,” said the Barcelona strategist. Huankavilka.

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When asked about the Yellows’ worst series, Bustos responded: “It is very difficult to explain the problem we had after the cup”. However, he understood the dissatisfaction of the fans with the difficulty faced by the Buenos Aires team in facing the end of the campaign: “The fan will always want to see his team win.”

Barcelona was the US semi-finalist in 2021. He fell for Flamenco in search of a ticket to Libertadores’ definition. Meanwhile, in the domestic competition, the Canaries are pursuing excellent qualification status to return to the Cup next year. For this purpose, they must finish within the first four places on the assembled leaderboard, for this purpose they have not yet been sealed.

During the last two days of Serie A, the Canarian club hosts the Universidad Católica and visits Macará. (D)

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