‘Explanations, for my order only’; Duga on dental replacement

Kautomok Stadium, Puebla /

A Ricardo Ferretti He did not like being questioned about the alternative Nicola Lopez, The man who gave 2 doubles in the last 3 games, And Tigress coach He assured that those explanations would be as per his order if they were to be given.

El Duga said that if a player is not aligned it is only by tactical decision and for the benefit of the team.

“Sincerely, If I have to respond to this, I have to respond to my command, Not you, “he told a reporter.” Tactical results, I want to give an explanation, whether it is the board and a player playing or not, it is through a tactical decision and for the benefit of the team. “

Doubled against the tooth Tijuana and Atletico de San Luis On match days 7 and 8, and now on match 10, he was benched, however he entered the second half He could do nothing to leave the 1-1 final against Puebla.

“I see the game very closely, controversial, people will underestimate some teams when they play against us, but Puebla comes from a victory in Lyon, It’s a team, it’s very defensive, it’s a solid team, I feel like it’s a very equal game today, One of the 2 can still score a goal and thus can be seen approximatelyWe all want to win, but the balance is fair in every way, ”he added.

Largaman believes Puebla could take on Triumph

Nicola Largaman He did not leave the Gudomog Stadium, promising that Puebla could take more than 1 point with a 1-1 draw against Tigress.

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“You always have to agree with Duka, yes, I feel it because it is the goal We deserve to pick something else, but that’s not an important marginWe had very clear circumstances, the feeling that we could have won it by having very clear conditions, we did not use these teams to our advantage, we did not take advantage of it, it is important to take advantage of it, ”he commented.

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