Experts warn that CO2 levels in the atmosphere are rising to unprecedented levels across the planet

NOAA and other scientific organizations warn of an unprecedented increase in carbon dioxide on the planet. (EFE/ JLCereijido)

The Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations The atmosphere is increasing “faster than ever,” scientists report, reaching levels never before seen by mankind. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)He Scripps Institution of Oceanography And this University of California, San Diego.

Last year, experts confirmed Higher temperatures on land and oceansA relentless series of heat waves, droughts, floods, wildfires and storms.

observatory Mauna LoaIn HawaiiIt recorded a seasonal high of 427 parts per million (ppm). CO2 In May, it represents an increase of 2.9 ppm from May 2023. The increase is the fifth largest in fifty years of data records.

In the past year, higher temperatures have been recorded on land and seas. (Europe Press)

Rick SpinradAdministrator of NOAAA press release cited highlights the seriousness of the situation CBS News: “We are now finding that CO2 levels in the atmosphere are increasing faster than ever before.”

In the last two years, the increase in the May peak has been very significant, which is consistent with the conditions boy Blocks the absorption capacity of the planet CO2. John MillerAt Carbon Cycle Scientist NOAAConstant overuse is responsible for this increase Fossil fuels.

It reaches a higher peak every year due to the burning of fossil fuels, which releases pollution into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide.. “Fossil fuel pollution continues to pile up like garbage in a landfill,” he said. Ralph KeelingProgram Director CO2 of Scripps.

NOAA emphasized that the increase in CO2 was higher than the global average recorded last year. (Getty Images)

Accordingly Fox WeatherThe NOAA It is emphasized that it increases CO2 The lab surpassed the global average recorded last year, which was a record 419.3 ppm, 50% higher than before the industrial revolution. However, the company clarified that the observations taken Mauna Loa Do not reflect variations CO2 Although global measurements have been shown to be consistent with global measurements, worldwide Mauna Loa.

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He Carbon dioxide Acts like an “Atmospheric Blanket”. NOAA, like other greenhouse gases, intensify solar heating at the Earth's surface. Meanwhile he CO2 It is necessary to keep the global temperature above freezing, its high concentrations bring the temperature to dangerous and difficult to bear.

That warming is fueling extreme weather events. The effects are already being felt Deadly floods, heat waves and droughts ravage communities and affecting agriculture.

The effects of floods, heat waves and severe droughts are already being felt. (REUTERS/Jon Nazca)

The news NOAA It was announced a day later Copernicus Climate Change Service of European union declare that land Temperatures recorded for 12 consecutive months. Carlo PuntempoDirector Copernicuswarned thatWe are living in unprecedented times … this series of warm months will be remembered as relatively cool”.

The NOAA He warned that measurements CO2 They are sending “absurd signals” and gas levels are at their highest point in millions of years, and rising faster than ever.

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