Ingenuity staggered to Mars due to navigation failure

The small NASA helicopter sent to Mars created an uncontrolled and faltering plane due to a synchronous failure in navigation, which is its first major problem since it began to soar through the red sky last month.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory officials said Thursday that the test helicopter, ingenious, was able to land safely.

On Saturday, the helicopter ‘s sixth test flight crashed 10 minutes (33 ft) into the ground a minute later. One of the numerous pictures taken by the helicopter’s camera was not recorded by the navigation system, changing the full-time sequence, leaving the aircraft confused about its location.

Harvard Griffin, the helicopter’s chief pilot, says the ingenuity tilted back and forth by up to 20 degrees and had a power consumption sharpness.

Grip wrote in an update for information about the device on the Internet that the integrated system “came to the rescue” providing extra stability. The helicopter landed 5 meters (16 feet) from where it was supposed to be.

Two months after landing on Mars through NASA’s rolling diligence probe, the invention of another spacecraft was cleared in April.

The 1.8 kilogram (4-pound) helicopter did its first five flight tests effectively, each more difficult than the last. NASA was very impressed with the $ 85 million technology demonstration, which extended the work of the device for at least a month.

The helicopter’s first flight during this extra period was a tense flight on Saturday. In recent days engineers have found a solution to this problem.

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