Experts plot to release a galaxy “DNA-shaped” jet plane

Image of the galaxy Messier 87 EFE

The Galaxy Messier 87 has a black hole at its center The stream of an object emerges with a double helix system And scientists have noticed that it is sent by a magnetic field, which holds that shape in a 3,300 light-years away, Not yet noticed.

A study to be published Letters from the Journal of Astronomy Led by Mexican scientists and with the participation of the Spaniards, he reported on the discovery in M87, when the galaxy was first photographed by a giant black hole at its center.

At a distance of 55 million light-years, MS87 is much larger than the Milky Way, emitting a jet of matter from its core, traveling at almost the speed of light and extending beyond the galaxy.

The jet is transmitted by the presence of a magnetic field and receives a dual helix system, the team saw, which was carried by Carl G. from the National Radio Astronomy Laboratory in the United States. Jansky used a very large array (VLA) radio interferometer.

Images have shown that the magnetic field maintains the spiral shape from the supermassive black hole for about 3,300 light-years, a distance not yet seen in other galaxies where such magnetic field structures have been found.

Alice Passetto, head of research at Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM), demonstrated that the jet’s object “would detect a dual helix very similar to the DNA molecule.”

NASA Telescope Archive image of NASA
NASA Telescope Archive image of NASA

Another researcher, Jose Louis Gomez, a researcher at the Andalusian Institute of Astrophysics (IAA-CSIC), pointed out that they expected the magnetic field closest to the black hole to adhere to a helical configuration, which is what allows the material. Exit route on a very narrow jet.

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What they did not expect was that this “helical configuration is so far from the center of the galaxy” because the magnetic field would weaken with distance and lose the initial helical structure.

The panel suggests that the instability in the jet plane may align the magnetic field and maintain the structure over long distances.

“If this happens on M87, it could happen on other similar jets operated by other galaxies.” UNAM Radio Astronomer Carlos Carrasco Gonzalez considers.

MS87 is a galaxy relatively close to Earth and its jet is very powerful, making it an excellent object for a detailed study to understand the occurrence of relative jets in many objects. In the universe, not just active galaxies.

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