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We watched the events live from the first day of CES 2021. Those who are not with us can view the post on the channel. Starting with HighSense, LG Electronics continues with Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, DCL and following other announcements made by companies at CES 2021, we respond to the latest in technology. Bottom line is that Samsung At CES 2021, with the event in mind it was a very hard working, well-structured and thoughtful user.

Samsung event at CES 2021 – live reaction (min 2:03:02)


Samsung event at CES 2021

What Smart TVs Samsung Introduced At The Beginning Of 2021 – Exclusive Interview (min 1:27:08)


Interview with Craig Cunningham, TV / AV Product Marketing Europe President La Samsung

Interview with Victor Armelu – Direct Contact (min. 2:33:57)


Interview with Victor Armelu, President of Consumer Electronics Samsung Romania

Samsung presents its vision for the future at CES: A “Better Nature”

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex:

The new version of the Bespoke refrigerator has interchangeable panels that have a range of colors and materials that successfully modify the original model, thus allowing users to adjust their refrigerator to get the shape and functionality they want.

Available in North America starting this spring, the 4-door model also includes a new cold storage space (drink center included) that provides quick access to the water distributor and an auto-filling water container.

The 4-door Besfok model is equipped with a dual ice maker (Dual Ice Maker) that makes regular ice cubes, but also folds small ice cubes into a variety of cold drinks.

Samsung event at CES 2021
Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex

Micro LED D110 Inch

This new screen uses mineral auto-emitting LEDs, individually activated and with micrometric dimensions, creating its own colors, with infinite contrast and amazingly realistic brightness, slim design and infinity screen display with almost no frame, which allows natural integration anywhere.

The result is an in-depth viewing experience and incredible picture quality. The 110-inch micro LED 4-frame viewer also has the optional “4 view” (quad view) – so users can watch multiple games at once or stream them with a tutorial while playing one.

Also, for customers in the United States, more than 160 channels are available for free through the Samsung TV Plus. Micro LEDs will be available worldwide in early spring.

Samsung event at CES 2021
Samsung Microlet

Lifestyle TV

Samsung’s lifestyle TVs include The Serif, The Frame, The Zero and The Terrace – 4K QLED Outdoor TV – as well as the 4K laser projector The Premiere, which offers a cinematic experience.

CES2021 Neo QLED

Smart Dings Recipes:

New service from Samsung Smart Dings created to provide exclusive culinary travel. From the Family Hub option to smartphone refrigerators, Wiskin Foods AI is an automated meal plan that recommends meals throughout the week, creating shopping lists with the ingredients you need, and connecting with food retailers for quick shopping.

Recipes can be sent directly to Samsung cooking devices to avoid problems and mistakes.

Samsung Health Smart Trainer on Samsung 2021 TVs:

Samsung Health easily transforms your home into a gym, and the new Smart Trainer feature monitors and analyzes posture in real time like a personal trainer. During and at the end of exercise sessions, the smart trainer provides feedback on the format, helps you remember the number of repetitions and burns calories.

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With interactive video exercises with the help of Pixby voice control, the Samsung Health Smart Trainer amplifies and customizes a workout experience.

Key technologies mentioned at the Samsung press conference

Jet Pot 90 AI +:

Available in the United States in the first half of this year, the vacuum cleaner uses material recognition technologies to identify and classify objects and then modify them to clean corridors.

Lidar and 3D sensors allow the Jet Pat 90 AI + to avoid cables and small objects while at the same time cleaning hard corners of the house. The vacuum cleaner also has a camera integrated with the Smart Dings app to conveniently monitor the device.

Jet Pot 90 AI +
Jet Pot 90 AI +

Samsung Pat ™ Maintenance:

The latest addition to the company’s robotics line, the Samsung Bot user, was developed to use responsive AI to identify user behavior.

He can act as a robot assistant and a companion and assist in tasks in daily life. It learns the user’s schedule and habits and sends reminders to manage busy days.

Samsung Pat
Samsung Pat

Samsung Bot ™ Mobile Phone:

During the development phase, the Samsung Pod Handy relies on AI to identify and elevate products of different sizes, shapes and weights, thus helping the user to become an extension and do household chores.

Samsung can identify a mix of pod handy products. It uses the appropriate amount of force to catch and move objects in the home. Finally, it can help clean or sort dirty foods.

Samsung is also developing other robust Ai technologies for everyday life. Samsung continues to develop the Samsung Bot retail. It’s GEMS, Samsung’s medical exoskeleton that guides users out of glare, into retail units, as well as facilitates mobility.

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A stable future with the help of Samsung

Home Galaxy Development:

During the event, Samsung announced an update to its Galaxy Ucycling program. This project will be called Galaxy Upcycling at Home. It recreates the life cycle of the older generation Galaxy phone. Therefore, it provides users with options on how they can reconfigure their device to create a variety of convenient IoT tools.

TV Environmental Packaging:

Samsung has announced that it will expand its green packaging to QLED, UHD TV, monitor and audio products in 2021. As part of its current commitment to green space, Samsung has been developing sustainable products and solutions.

Samsung’s new solar cell remote control is made of somewhat recycled plastic. It can be charged by solar or indoor lighting, reducing battery usage.

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