The island’s largest asteroid near Earth

Using even small telescopes, celestial enthusiasts were able to capture the path of a space rock early Sunday morning.

It is the asteroid 2001 FO32, the largest space rock to reach Earth this year, and one of the fastest meteorites ever recorded, according to the Astronomical Society of the Caribbean (SAC).

“Although it goes a completely safe distance, it travels at 77,000 miles (123,900 km / h) or 21 miles (34.4 km / h),” Eddie Irisari said. Chairman of the SAC.

Irisari and other SAC spectators were able to take pictures of the nearby bass, and the high speed of “Space Rock” demonstrated that its motion was appreciated in real time when viewed with the help of optical. “We confirmed that it was slightly brighter than expected, probably due to its large size and other factors, so it can be seen even with slightly smaller telescopes, but not with the naked eye,” he said.

Facebook Live tonight

The academy pointed out that it would share additional images of the giant asteroid passing through “Live” It will take place tonight at 7:00 p.m.

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