“Every month is the same”

Neighbor Kibara They protested earlier shop They buy scarce food from a basic basket that the Cuban regime rations to the population.

“It’s the same every month,” said one of them, furious with the winery, which he accused of stealing part of their rations from consumers by cheating on food weights.

The video was sent to the editorial staff of Cyber ​​Cuba A resident of Kibara – identified as Meikel- loses his temper and unleashes a protest that ends with threats and stone-throwing at a brewery accused of being a thief.

“This is how Kibara woke up today, September 1, when wineries start selling regulated products. Basic items in the basket In the current scenario, many shopkeepers are stealing their products from consumers,” the source said.

A group of neighbors can be seen gathered on the street in front of the winery. Many of them lose patience and try to calm Mackel, who demands that he weigh his part. Sugar Again, as happens “every month” – he suspects he is being robbed by the brewery.

According to testimony sent to this newsroom, the events took place this Friday morning at the El Caracol Winery located on Independencia Street. At the time of publishing this note, Kibara authorities have not ruled on the residents’ complaint.

Mackel’s struggle ends with a threatening and tragic scene for the grocer, who in his rage and impotence, amid the screams and cries of his relatives, spills all the sugar in the street.

The terrible deprivation experienced by Cubans is particularly noticeable in the food they receive Supply notebookThe whole country evokes scenes similar to those of Kibara.

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A reduction in quotas established in the base basket, Delay in getting goods to consumersSometimes for months, inflation, high prices and shortages of food sold for “free” have become a daily nightmare for ordinary Cubans who struggle to survive with salaries that the “economic order” has left behind.

In mid-August, Several Cubans protested in a warehouse As the establishment allegedly had no workers, it refused to sell them items related to the basic basket.

The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights said on its Twitter account that Cubans demanded that they sell food that they could not reach due to a lack of workers, without disclosing the location of the protest.

A historical producer and exporter of sugar worldwide, Miguel Díaz-Canel’s “Continuity” Cuba was unable to produce enough sugar to meet internal demand and had to resort to importing the product.

Fatty, moist and even with a slight odor They sold us sugar. “No leader of this province cares about the refined and white variety,” said a resident of the La Caritat neighborhood in mid-July, complaining about the poor quality of sugar sold on state rations.

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