Everton vs Manchester City FA Cup Quarterfinal | Premier League

Everton and Manchester City have confirmed the starting list for Saturday’s FA Cup quarter – final at Goodison Park. At home, defender Jerry Mina will start.

Everton’s goal this season is to qualify for the Champions League. The Ancelotti-led side have come from two consecutive defeats in the Premier League (Chelsea and Burnley), so they hope to reduce the worst results, eliminating one of their favorites, Pep Cardiola’s Manchester City.

At least 90. Gooooooooooooooooooooooool Kevin de Bruyne used a pass for that area and scored the final 0-2 with a hook and left foot.

Minimum 84: Coohoohoohool from Manchester City. Using Gundogan’s recovery from the crossbar, Kodison calls 0-1 at the park.

Minute 82: Fotan’s shot, goalkeeper Virginia controls without a restart.

At least 79: Change in Manchester, Kevin de Bruyne enters Sterling.

At least 75: Yellow for Everton (Andre Gomes)

At least 67: Corner kick in favor of Everton, Mina almost joins, Gomes advances again, but his shot goes too far from the door.

At least 65: Codel Photon Shot, looking for a competitive area with more motivation than the Manchester City local area, the deflected shot frightens the locals.

At least 58: City answer, goalkeeper Joao Virginia sends a shot from Sterling to a corner kick, Everton are saved.

At least 57: A free kick in favor of Everton Richardson is unmarked and in the rematch the Brazilian sends his shot close to the perfect position for the city.

At least 56: Yellow for Fernando, strong error in the middle of the court after a quick transfer from Richardson.

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At least 51: Andre Gomes misses a ball into Everton’s exit at the hands of Gabriel Jes ,s, Fernando reaches the edge of the box and filters a pass to Sterling, with goalkeeper Joao being able to block the Virginia center at ground level.

At least 48: Trying from outside the sterling area, his right shot is wide.

At least 46: Arrival in Manchester, Colombia’s Jerry Mina was able to destroy a dangerous center from Foton.

Holding 77% in favor of Manchester City indicates that the spectators were very persuasive when looking for the result, although the locals closed their lines well, they were able to get out of suffocation at the end of the first half of the match. Richardson and Jerry Mina, on the still ball, had chances to open the account.

Minimum 45: One more minute and the scoreboard will not open. Everton 0-0 Manchester City.

At least 43: Jerry Mina joins the corner kick and his shot goes wide.

At least 42. Again Richardson, the local is very assertive, allowing his approach to favor a corner kick. The city retreats.

At least 41: Everton’s good attendance, a collective play allows him to get closer to the match goal, unfortunately Richardson could not plan a good center.

At least 33: City goalkeeper Stephen, expecting a pass to win, sends a corner kick to Everton without difficulty.

At least 28: Sterling took a free kick, his shot went wide and over the crossbar.

At least 27: Dangerous mistake by Richardson against Fernando.

At least. 26: Everton throw on the opponent’s field.

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At least 23: Yellow card for Everton’s Allen.

Minute 18: Everton shudder, coming after a series of restarts by the local team and being distracted by Chile Richardson.

At least 17: Sterling was shot and goalkeeper Joao Virginia did not rise again.

At least 15: Corner kick in favor of City, Everton destroys the defensive ball without problems.

Minimum 13: Possession of the ball is favorable for those led by Pep Cardiola (84%).

At least 4: Sports proposal joins Manchester City, Everton waiting in his field. 0-0 at Goodison Park.

Minimum 0: Kick-off.

Confirmed rows

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