Even the rain doesn’t stop Salsero

It is no coincidence that veteran salsa artists and other new layers exemplify the importance and international influence of the Sesiones de la Loma program led by singer, composer and musician Norberto Velez.

Usually, Vélez and producer Gabriel Ramos record an episode per month for at least four years when the project starts, which basically includes an interview and a guest artist singing, then, the recording is published through the YouTube site, and it can be reached. ‘Consinchina’, so the chance of exposure is almost infinite.

Some of the episodes that featured top artists such as Gilberto Santa Rosa, Bobby Valentin, El Gran Combo, Tito Rojas, Tito Nieves, Johnny Rivera, Monzo Rivera, Andy Montanez, Victor Manuel, etc., added up to over a million. Dollar viewer numbers and followers.

For example, Salsa Forts in Latin America pioneered the project.

The structure of the project is simple, a small farm house, which is already popular in the project, is registered on a farm in Hatilo, on a hill. For many guests and musicians, the mountain project located in front of a farmhouse and farm provides a magical place.

Today, Sunday, in passing, Vélez and Ramos celebrated the ‘Sesiones de la loma-event 2’, which was also part of the fourth anniversary of the project.

Although Mrs. Rain was not invited and she came and went with her drizzle and rain, Salsa fans were at the Agrotourism Park located in Dorado, where the event took place, all afternoon-night.

The public enjoyed every moment of the event.

(Josian Bruno)

Hundreds of fans supported the action, a family-like atmosphere, some of them with umbrellas in hand, sang, sang, danced, and guest artists performed on stage.

“I love Norberto’s project and I watch it on the YouTube site. A pleasant show to listen to the events of the guests and listen to their music. I won’t miss it,” said Juan Antonio Ruiz, who moved to Dorado from Carolina.

Luis Enrique, Tito Nieves, composer Ramon Rodríguez, Victor Manuel, Santa Rosa have praised the initiative of Vélez and Ramos at the time.

Yesterday, singer Michael Brava, who has already participated in a session, said that the project is very suitable for the salsa genre today.

“Important in Puerto Rico and in Latin America. I think Norberto doesn’t know how big and important it is to do this experiment, maybe because of his desire to make music and do some activities a few months before the epidemic and then during the epidemic. It’s a wonderful place, first of all, it’s people and It has the support of senior artists, and if you add Norberto’s personality and people skills, that success has a lot to do with it. Norbert is a man who is always ready to help, great talent and very cooperative with everyone. It gives opportunities to new talents, for example, in my case, and it’s for all of us. It’s like a beautiful gift. I’ve been to a few countries and people recognize me and tell me, ‘Wow, you’re the singer on the mountain.’ To me, that’s amazing,” Brava said.

The event started at 1:00 pm and will conclude with salsa singer Luis Enrique.

“We are very comfortable and happy with the people’s support for the activity. It is true that the weather was a little bad, but people are going to come, that’s why there are schedules and presentations of different artists. Some will come to see Bobby Valentine and others will come to see Luis Enrique, they will come a little later. But so far, I am in the atmosphere. Happy,” said Vélez, a salsa singer and former member of the group NG2.

Carmencita DJ kicked off the audience’s delight with Salsa Dura through the floors, then came David Rivera’s La Pambula Band, which was well received by the audience. The group sounded strong and Rivera showed off his excellent singing and rhythm playing.

“It’s an honor for me to be able to participate in the show and for people to appreciate our project. Thanks Norbert for the invitation. I had the opportunity to record an episode of a session from the highlands, and the projection it gave us and not in Latin American countries is super good. Some countries include Colombia, Panama, Peru and Chile. We’re already on the agenda to play in the countries,” said Rivera, a music graduate of Boston’s Berklee Institute.

“I understand and say that Norberto supports the genre, he charges the salsa movement with this project. In our case, some fans write to me and let me know about our music. That’s what Norberto’s project emphasizes to many people. It doesn’t provide that exposure,” said Rivera.

The event was attended by international press specializing in the salsa genre, from countries as far away as Peru, Panama and Colombia. There were also some salsa fans from Latin American countries.

Under the direction of pianist, composer and singer Carlos García, the new Shock Force continued the program with four female singers and four male singers.

Women Michelle Brava, Lorna Marcano, Carla Marie and Jayra Bola were on stage alongside Villito Otero, Caivan Vega, Christian Alicia and Carlos Nevarez.

“We want people to be happy and I’m grateful for this opportunity. “Norbert has taken a huge step in his project and he continues to open very big and important doors for the salsa genre with his project,” said Brava, whose participation was well received by the audience.

In the afternoon-evening hours, Bobby Valentine and his band will perform, then the orchestra of the Sessions de la Loma program, directed by Garcia, will sing along with trumpeter Jota and Norberto. Veteran salsero Johnny Rivera will be on duty, as well as Guago, a former member of the Venezuelan team, Ronald Borjas, and popular salsero Luis Enrique completes the singing.

Produced by Gabriel Ramos, in last year’s event 1, Luisido Carrion, Tito Nieves, Ramoncito Rodríguez participated, Domingo Quinones and Melo Ruiz took the stage in a special way, and Vélez himself had his salsa participation.

For his part, Vélez said he’s very grateful for the support he’s received in recent years. Especially for the senior Salseros who participated in the program to give credibility to the program. Gilberto Santa Rosa was the first elder to say the present tense.

“I have to thank God for what is happening in Sessions de la Loma. Over time, I now understand that it has become a big responsibility for me. I think it falls on my shoulders to continue being part of this tradition of salsa. Thank you to the public for the support, and I feel very dedicated to this genre. , and I highlight and understand the importance of new vibes, new talents, responsibility and commitment,” said Vélez.

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