El Franco promotes a coexistence space for seniors in La Caridad

At the inclusion table, the elders are the same council. With your experience, the future becomes more logical. Society “progresses and matures only through the ability to allow the elderly to live their lives fully immersed in society,” said yesterday the Director General for the Promotion of Personal Independence and the Elderly, Enrique Rodríguez Nuño, who visited El Franco.

He went to the As Quintas Cultural Complex. More than a hundred people gathered to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons. “The emirate is implementing the CuidAS strategy, a model of not just care but attention. Social support must be provided and programs implemented to avoid fragility situations among elderly people. We are responding to the demand of aging in the environment. In rural areas in particular, we will work to strengthen and expand the network of centers, which currently number 64.”

New residential projects such as the one in Corvera – which includes eight independent buildings – and coexistence units, such as those designed for Villayon and Sumiedo, are part of the new-age infrastructures. Which El Franco also wants to get into. “There will be European money and places to use it. “El Franco owns a plot of land of 15,000 square meters in the urban area, where small houses can be created for elderly people who, otherwise, would have to live with their children or in a residence,” said El Franco Mayor Cecilia. Perez. .

“El Franco might not have been able to provide sixty-bed housing for my neighbors, but it could have services like the Rural Advocacy Center (CRAD), which serves about thirty people, and an alternative living unit. The council member added that it could also be used for young couples.

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