Eugenio Terbus joins the #MarimarChallenge and Talia responds to the actor’s dance steps

Eugenio Derpes / Thalia.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

A few days ago Thalia A thank you drew attention A touching video of him rescuing a field mouse that fell into a pond where he lives in America.This confirms why It is considered a phenomenon in social networks.

But as the telenovela celebrates its 28th anniversary, the above is not the only reason why the Mexican artist’s name has become a trend recently. ‘Marimar’ She starred in 1994 with Eduardo Capetillowoke up a TikTok challenge with story theme Consists of convincing an accompanist that a choreography will be performed to a popular background theme. He is then invited to follow a few steps in front of the camera for a few seconds, but at the moment when he is careless together, the other has to pull a hair for him at the same time as “Ah!” of the song.

Millions of users and other celebrities have accepted this challenge Alessandra RosaltoShe shared a video through her official Instagram profile in which she tries to take a selfie, but Eugenio Derbez is surprisedHe throws her into the pool and shows her some dance steps in the “Costenito” style.

That funny scene was also shot Thalia is oblivious to any details of this celebrity couple joining the #MarimarChallenge It has quickly become a phenomenon within short video applications.

“Alex Rosalto loves water with cell phone and all! But it’s worth it to see Eugenio Terbes dance those little steps and that little scream of #marimar #auyuu The end is the cherry on the cake. And you? Have you done your #MarimarChallenge yet?

Inviting her followers to sing a duet with her, Talia showed off her beauty as she appeared in a blue, yellow and pink one-piece swimsuit, dancing to the iconic theme, swaying her hips and recording with her cell. Telephone.

“I love you! Your videos are amazing and funny! Let’s keep sharing the #Marimar challenge that keeps our lives happy,” he wrote below the post, which left him with nearly a million and a half views.

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