Eugenio Derpes and Victoria Ruffo hug after meeting their granddaughter: this is what the actress told her ex

Eugenio Derbez revealed to Gustavo Adolfo Infante that although he was nervous about his imminent meeting with Victoria Ruffo at the hospital, he did not imagine what would happen when he met Tessa.

“When the morning came, I was a little nervous. I didn't want to add more stress to Jose Eduardo… But I thought, 'What time will the others arrive, what's going to happen, I don't know…' The truth is, I came in without much of an idea and with a lot of expectations. He narrated this July 1 to the program De Primera Mano.

“We were with Paola's parents (in the hospital room); We arrived at the same time. A nurse said to us 'Hey, the baby's going to come… As soon as she comes out of the operating room, the baby's going to pass over here, if you will, in the hallway towards the nursery. To see her,' he added.

This is his meeting with Victoria Rufo

Eugenio Terbes recalls that when the nurse told her Tessa had left the delivery room, they ran down the hallway for their first meeting, not imagining they were already there. Victoria Rufo With Omar Fayed from Norway.

“We ran into the hallway and there it was…surprise! Jose Eduardo was already in the hallway with the entire Rufo family… Umar came and there was Victoria…”

Accusing the Ruffo family of “wishes”, Eugenio Derbez revealed that after a “complicated” meeting, he and Victoria hugged and melted.

“I haven't discussed that idea with Jose Eduardo yet, but I said: 'Ah, hell, there are options! Mom was in the operating room and I was in the abandonment room.' I didn't think so (I was in the operating room) but when I arrived, they were already with the baby… I don't know how the logistics were, but See you in the hall… It's complicated, But then, when we all entered the room… At last we met… and hugged each other…”, He promised.

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The 62-year-old translator assured that even if there were photographs of the meeting, it was Jose Eduardo who would bring them to light.

“Yes (there are photographs). At one point, we photographed the two families together… There's Fayed Ruffo and Derbez Rosaldo… It's not just my responsibility to upload them, Jose Eduardo is responsible for sharing them,” he said.

What Victoria Rufo told Eugenio Terbes after the meeting

Finally, Eugenio Derbez reveals what Victoria Ruffo told him after their meeting and José Eduardo Derbez's reaction when he saw his parents together. All their conflicts and even the past were “buried.”

“She said to me 'Congratulations Grandpa' and I said 'Congratulations Grandma'… We ended by saying 'Congratulations' without exchanging many words till then. We've already worked things out, but we didn't meet until yesterday. I think the woman came to iron out all those rough edges. Everything was very nice Yesterday, I believe the little that remained was completely buried. We get along well.

At some point (Jose Eduardo) told me: 'It's very strange for me to see my parents together.' It's true that I was really happy with everything, Omar, Victoria, Anuar, Vicky, his aunts, Aislinn, Alessandra, Aidana, the baby was born and everyone in the room. So he was very happy,” he said.

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