Paying for electricity in Cuba. What you need to know about the changes, according to UNE

Last weekend, the authorities of the Cuban Electricity Union (UNE) detailed the changes in electricity payment in the residential sector on the island. The Cuban Electricity Company has adjusted the payment for electricity, and this will be the case in all regions. Now they have given more details.

As of today, July 1, the electricity company will stop sending the known bill consumption notice in printed form. There will no longer be “running papers” or consumer receipt, as it is also known in some parts of the island.

In late June, an automated message sent to electricity company customers who paid for their services electronically last month raised “suspicions and concerns,” according to one report. a report From the Escambray newspaper in Sancti Spiritus.

The letter stated that as of July, users will no longer receive the bill consumption notice in printed format, suggesting that they consult digital payment platforms for this information.

How do you know your electricity bill in Cuba and why these changes? according to Dario Peña Cuenca, commercial director of Sancti Spiritus Electric, will only abolish the paper “for those customers who have already received their electricity bill every month by email and who we have in our database.”

According to the official, printing and distributing traditional paper invoices represents a significant expense for the company. The high costs of the materials and forms needed, in addition to the country’s financial constraints, have made the current system unsustainable.

How to Pay for Electricity in Cuba After These Changes

With the paper shortage at UNE and changes to how electricity bills are sent, many are wondering how they will pay for electricity now. There are more changes to come, depending on the province.

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For example, in Sancti Spíritus, changes will come in the presentation of electricity bills. Some customers will receive the notice on paper in blue letters, while others will receive it in orange.

According to a similar report from Santa Clara, in addition, the collector reader will visit homes twice, the first time to read consumption and the second time to collect their consumption.

They added that through the electronic ATM, the customer can pay for his consumption as well as the electricity company.

A QR code will be issued that we will recognize through the combined reader so that the customer can pay for his electricity consumption.

Likewise, it will continue. Payment at the electricity company, at the post office, at Cadeca, at the bank and through Transfermóvil. Payment is made 10 days after your meter reading.

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