Etecsa applies compensation to users of mobile data and Nauta Hogar › Cuba› Granma . accounts

The Cuban Telecom recently stated on its official channels that it is implementing compensation measures for users of mobile data and Nauta Hogar accounts.

And he explained in his official account on Twitter, that in the first case, 1 GB will be given to users with the current offers, and in the second case, an additional 10 hours will be given to the contracted monthly offer. The process will be progressive and a confirmation SMS will be sent.

Regarding mobile data compensation, Etecsa has specified that it applies to all users who have had data offers (packages, daypack, mailbag) since the previous week, even if they run out.

On the other hand, not all customers will get an extra giga at the same time, it’s a progressive process that can last up to 72 hours, he explained.

The effective date of this data package will be extended for 30 days, after receiving the 1 GB bonus and is valid for all mobile networks (2G / 3G / 4G).

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