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A Unfortunate accident This happened while the TV show was being broadcast live on Tuesday ESPN FC Radio From Colombia, When one of the package’s structures crashes into the panel, Carlos Ordus, A victim Brutal blows.

Everyone on the table will show up when the shot opens Part of the scenery hit Ordos’ back, Causing an “accordion effect” and smashing him head-on into the desk, causing panic among his teammates.

The driver was not afraid, in the voices you could hear Someone says “I explode” “Quiet, quiet” to another. It was immediately put on a commercial break ESPN Go to the affected person.

Carlos Ordz accident on ESPN | Video

How is Carlos Ordos after the accident?

Fortunately, own Carlos Ordus Sent a video message describing it No injuries were reported Despite the spectacular nature of the incident.

Other accidents on ESPN

Fortunately, without being obese like that Carlos Ordus, Sports television has unforgettable moments due to accidents or bloopers, especially when the interior office has exposed more than one of its four walls.

The same ESPN There were two recently that became a trend in networks: the first Ricardo Puig, Who Displayed on underwear Home after camera malfunction; There was a second Hector Hurta with a series of strange and “suggestive” noises When participating in spicy football.

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