Equatorial Guinea accuses a French helicopter of violating its airspace

This content was published on July 29, 2021 – 17:06

Dakar, Jul 29 (EFE) .- The Government of Equatorial Guinea today accused a French military helicopter in which six soldiers were traveling of having violated its state border by having flown over its airspace on Wednesday and landed without authorization.

“According to the Minister of Civil Aviation, said helicopter did not have permission or authorization to fly over Equatorial Guinean airspace, much less to land at Bata Airport,” the most populated city in the country, declared the Guinean Press and Information Office. Equatorial in a statement collected by the government website.

“But even so, the French Navy arbitrarily took the liberty of landing, systematically violating the Equatorial Guinea state border,” he added.

According to the statement, the pilots “lied to the aviation authorities, stating that they had an authorization, while the competent departments of the country say they do not know said authorization, adding that the action is classified as a serious violation of international standards. of aeronautics, direct provocation and attack against national security “.

According to the Equatoguinean authorities, no French Army aircraft is on the Aviation list to fly over Equatoguinean airspace this year and they have described the attitude as “suspicious”.

In this sense, the vice president of Equatorial Guinea “Teodorín” Obiang, son of the regime’s strongman since 1979 and designated as its “dolphin”, said on the social network Twitter that it was a “reconnaissance helicopter” and that “this demonstrates once again France’s intention to destabilize the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. “

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For their part, the French authorities declared today that the military were not armed and that the helicopter was heading from Douala (Cameroon) to Libreville (Gabon) and stopped in Bata (Equatorial Guinea) to refuel.

This diplomatic incident takes place a day after the French Supreme Court confirmed the conviction of “Teodorín” Obiang for the laundering of a fortune of 150 million euros in the Gallic country and made final the sentence of three years in prison exempt from compliance, 30 million euros of fine and the confiscation of those goods amassed in France between 1997 and 2011. EFE

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