Emirates’ first Airbus A380 flight with the Sudanese Armed Forces

Emirates carried out a 37-minute test flight with an A380 aircraft in which one of its engines was operated by the Sudanese Armed Forces.

this Morning of November 22ndhe Airbus A380 A6-EOH to The UAE Complete him The first test flight of the A380 in which One of its engines and the auxiliary power unit were 100 percent SAF operated.

As Emirates explained, the aircraft’s controls were “proudly“, Captains Khalid bin Sultan and Philippe Lombet.

he The flight takes 37 minutes between take-off and landing, and 63 minutes between blocksArrived to Elevation 24,000 feet On the Persian Gulf west of Dubai.

this This demonstration was organized to coincide with the celebration in Dubai of its founding anniversary Third ICAO Aviation and Alternative Fuels Conference.

For the trip, 4,000 kilograms of SAF were previously provided Nesty, They are produced from esters and fatty acids, And VerintOf sugars and plant materials. CIn cooperation with Enochan oil company in the United Arab Emirates.

For this trip we also had a collaboration engine alliance, Manufacturer of the GP7200 engine that powers the Emirates A380; to Pratt & Whitney Canada, manufacturer of PW980 auxiliary power unit; And Airbus.

some days Before the flight, ground tests were conducted on the operation of such an SAF-only engine To verify its ability to work properly. In early 2023, Emirates has already completed another similar flight with one of its aircraft Boeing 777-300ER; Since October, it has been operating flights from Dubai, Norway and France, where the Sudanese Armed Forces are used; In 2024 and 2025, it plans its flights departing from Amsterdam and Singapore airports to also operate with the SAF at its depots.

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