Emily Radhajkovsky poses with an ‘angel’ bikini in front of the sea

Sample Emily Radhajkovsky It took a few days vacation to enjoy the sand and the sea. Uploaded to your account Instagram A photo a Versace Crystal Bikini.

The Yellow swimsuitMermaid-style, which had glossy applications on the cup and orange ruffles, gave it an intense feminine touch. He finished showing off his flat abdomen Take a look With a long skirt.

Celebrated Before the 30th birthday A sunset on the beach and added nearly two million reactions. He titled the post with an emoticon of Gemini zodiac sign.

The Star of Catwalks also showed the spring-summer collection Swimsuits from their Inamorata lineup, Where he is involved in all production processes: from costume design to advertising campaigns.

This time he posed carrying his son Sylvester Apollo Bear, Born March 2021. A woman wants to break stereotypes about how she can and want to show off her body.

Emily Radhajkovsky The digital empire says women should be the place to share their looks when choosing Use of your image Obtaining linked potential capital.

Instead, the Internet often serves as a place to exploit and distribute images of women’s bodies without their permission and for the benefit of others.

“Networks have the power to allow women constant control over their image and the ability to receive proper compensation for their use and distribution,” she says.

Emily Radhajkovsky She claims to be posting postpartum photos as part of the #BodyPositive movement, but not everyone agrees. Claire Holt, star Satan’s Notes, Said the photos of the model were “annoying”.

“I’ve trying to be the Grinch here, but I’m going to say something that bothers me. Like calling. ”

“It may be true, but it makes others feel bad about themselves. It’s not normal. You’re a foreigner, you’re lucky,” he wrote on social media.

for now, Emily Radhajkovsky He says that since every woman is free to make any decision about her body, she will continue to publish her photos.

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