Alexis Ayala and Marcus Ornellos support the woman with the soap opera ‘C Nose Tejan’

Alexis Ayala, Marcus Ornellos and Marin Villanueva Star Soap Opera If They Leave Us, The woman, who finds out that her husband is cheating on her, decides to leave him and continue her life, and meets a young man who succeeds on the way, but this leads to criticism from the community.

Under this paradigm, the first two actors regret that in the XXI century, women still faced this dilemma, and it is clear that men did not live in the same situation.

“The unhappy are the ones who judge and criticize you because they want what you have, they can’t get it, so they use whatever excuse they have, no matter how old or old they are. They judge themselves. At the end of the day age becomes an number, until you are mentally young, to love There is no time parameter, ā€¯Ayala confirmed.

For the Ornellos community Progress is being made little by little on these kinds of issues, however, it is still prohibited, and fighting and Different expressions of women, That is why he supports the movements they make in search of equity and hopes that they will be freed from the decisions they make in love and in everyday life.

In Telenovela, which airs today on the Los Estrellas channel, Ayala plays Sergio, a famous journalist who cheats on his wife (Villanueva). Arnellos Martin plays a young man who defeats Mary’s character Alicia. The story is a new version of the soap opera Mirada de Mujer, produced in 1997, but has a current theme, such as bullying and domestic abuse.

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The project was well received in the United States, but the cast is eager to see the Mexicans’ response this Monday.


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