Elton Ring players believe they have found the DLC's location

A player has a more coherent theory about the location of the Shadowland.

The Elton Ring DLC ​​has many hidden secrets

Elton Ring players They are eager to explore the Shadowland, a new kingdom emerging in the shadow of the Earthtree DLC. However, some fans have gone further They are trying to find out where it is located specifically This place in the wider world of the game. Many people doubt that it will be a completely new area or will be hidden. Somewhere on the map We already know that Elton Ring has hit milestones again Massive mobilization in networks What do players do to find this place?

Recently, Officially announced Elton Ring's Shadow of the Earthtree DLC trailer with release date Scheduled for June 21, 2024. In this case, this first expansion of the title will bring many new features The vast and complex world we already know. Precisely, this is what fans are trying to find clues about the possible location of this DLC and what impact it will have.

The Elton Ring DLC ​​trailer has a sneaky secret

Marika and the Shadowland
Byu/All heroes are dead InsideEldenring

The DLC trailer shows us some images of the Shadowlands, Dark and dark kingdom Under the influence of Earthtree, the giant tree that dominates the center of the map. According to the official description, the Shadowland is a place “Mesmer's flame burns bright and burns everything it touches”. Mesmer is one The most intriguing characters in the game, an ancient blacksmith who created magical rings that shape the world. It is said that Mesmer He rebelled against the gods And he is banished to the land of shadows, where he continues to work on his creations.

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Doesn't seem right Where exactly is Shadowland? And how we can access it. One of the most popular theories has been proposed Reddit user All Heroes Are DeadWho Believes DLC May take place in the central part of the map There is a large blank area of ​​the game, with nothing of interest.

According to this theory, the shadow land It is hidden under the earthtree and can only be accessed through some form of secret means or ritual. The user argues that this placement makes sense from a narrative perspective Relates to Marika's character, the queen goddess who rules the world. Marika is an ambiguous and manipulative person who hides many secrets about her past and her true nature. Marica is believed to be the one who imprisoned Mesmer in the Shadowland. To prevent their rings from falling off In the wrong hands.

The theory is based on several clues Seen in the trailer And in the game. For example, you might see a scene where a character makes a sort of entrance Dark portal under Erdtree, which may be the entrance to the Shadowland. It can also be seen A giant statue of Marika Having a ring would represent a connection to Mesmer and his work. Additionally, the game is full of references to hidden spells, arcane seals, and mysterious talismans. Clues to reveal secrets From the Shadowland.

Of course, this theory is based on nothing more than a hypothesis Personal assumptions and interpretations. There is no official confirmation from FromSoftware as to where the Shadowland is or how it can be accessed. We have to do Wait for DLC release To check whether this theory has any basis or is just a fantasy. We know that Shadow of Earthtree DLC promises us a new adventure full of surprises, challenges and challenges. Discover the fascinating world of Elton Ring.

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