Cloning apps, gestures and cameras: What’s coming in Android 14

The new operating system provides an important Internet security tool through the password. (pixabay)

Google Already working Android 14The new version of the mobile operating system and some of the innovations in this update, which is currently in the testing phase, have already been announced.

Changes include the panel’s freedom to share content from one platform to another, gestures to go back, communication via satellite, and compatibility with keyboards.

All these improvements are expected to arrive in the new version between September and December this year, in the following months Android Conducts closed and public testing with developers and users. Additionally, Pixel phones will be the first to receive the update and focus on all these tests.

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Share menu

If you want to share content to another app or user, a menu with different options will be displayed from the bottom. For this upgradeGoogle This will give you the opportunity to separate from the public system to make individual updates and not depend on one big version that covers the entire device, but rather a core feature of that tool. Which will optimize the work in time and resources.

Satellite communication

This functionality has already been confirmed by Android director Hiroshi Lockheimer. What this allows is that a person can communicate through satellites Urgent case No Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

The new operating system provides an important Internet security tool through the password. (unsplash)
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Application size

Folding phones have the unique feature of being able to be used in different shapes and this means the screen size changes. So developers need new tools to adapt their applications to these changes Android 14 More stretch is allowed with newer designs.

This translates to better use of the cell phone panel with no black spots that hamper the experience.

Better keyboard compatibility

With this update, they are trying to get more out of keyboard support, allowing customization of buttons like Caps Lock, Ctrl, Alt, and Windows, giving these devices more versatility. Gestures and touchpad scrolling are expected to be available.

back gestures

Going back to the app, this action is usually not clear in some apps because it doesn’t know exactly where to send the user. So the new version will show a preview of where the gesture will play, an image on the side of the screen while scrolling or pressing a button.

The new operating system provides an important Internet security tool through the password. (pixabay)

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With the rise of content creators, many don’t have the best tools to get started and have to rely on their phones as webcams, which involves a lengthy process of connecting to third-party apps.

As a solution, in Android 14, work is being done to allow the mobile camera to capture the image when connected to another device via USB, which reduces the intermediate process.

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App Cloning

As with the previous point, this option currently requires an additional platform. But Android makes it a native tool in the Applications menu. However, this doesn’t mean that this will be the case with all apps, as developers need to allow users to clone their platform on the same device and use it with another account.


This is a growing trend among cyber security options. As these passwords are encrypted, they promise to be more secure and easier to use; That is, they are stored only on the device used and are not stored in platform services. Dashlane and 1Password have already confirmed that they will be compatible with the new version of the platform, which will provide a new way to take care of information and data.

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