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SN10 joined ships that did similar training last December and last February. They were able to climb 10 kilometers, but could not land.

SpaceX’s prototype starship, which was supposed to take humans to Mars, successfully landed after 10 kilometers on Wednesday in Boca Chica, Texas, but exploded shortly after landing.

The SN10 model was unveiled Wednesday afternoon after several delays from the SpaceX platform in Texas, and was able to reach 10,000 meters in four minutes as planned, circled its belly, operated on its axis and landed vertically.

However, while waiting for SpaceX to clarify what might have happened, the rocket exploded shortly after landing in a spectacular wreck.

Elon Musk, the company’s founder, who was able to use the machines commercially from the first stage of a rocket landing vertically, announced on his Twitter account that the SN10 had “landed in one piece”, but what he mentioned finally happened. “Unexpected rapid separation”.

Starship, the most sophisticated, three-engine version of its commercial rockets, attempted to complete a test landing for the third time, but this is the first time the landing has been completed enough to rest vertically.

SpaceX hopes to orbit a team around the moon by 2023, and it will gradually progress until humans land on the moon.

The phases to be tested will be the final part of the journey back to another planet and back to Earth, after leaving Earth’s orbit.

Musk estimates the development of the project will be around 5,000 million, while some experts suspect a possible attempt to colonize Mars. (I)

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