The timing of Gerard Bishop due to injury is already known

Alarms FC Barcelona In overtime for the second leg of the semifinals Copa del Rey, Against Sevilla, Gerard Pique touched his knee and threw himself to the ground, with severe signs of pain. This Thursday, Parsia announced that it was suffering from a disease A sprain of the medial lateral ligament of your right knee It may be less between two and three weeks. The worst news for the Bar பார்a team, who will travel to Paris next week to return to the 16th round Champions League.

Being Piqué One of the pillars of Persia since he was healed His knee injury, which has kept him off the pitch since November. Catalan Central reappeared in the first round of the 16th round Champions League, Before him Paris Saint-Germain, 16 February. The joy of his return did not last long as his knee was injured again this Wednesday and after tests, the club’s medical services confirmed it was The rebirth of your wound.

However, Parsia did not establish the estimated time of the monk, it pointed out Its evolution will indicate its availability, But the Barcia Club, according to the ‘Marca’ newspaper, Expect it to not work for two to three weeks. In this sense, the defender will miss this Saturday’s La Liga Santander match against Osasuna in El Sadar and all the important tour of Catalans to Paris next Wednesday, March 10th.

Considers The most important setback for Ronald Coman, Since the return of ‘Kerry’, Persia has gained a new leader in this field. In recent weeks, especially in the second leg of the Copila del Rey semi-final, against Sevilla, Catalan’s role has become more important. Scored a goal that forced extra time, The final whistle is less than forty seconds.

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This is Parsia Hospital

Gerard Pique returns to the hospital two weeks later and reunites with his teammates Anshu Pathi, Philip Coutinho, Sergei Roberto The Ronald Arazo, Everyone is recovering from their injuries. In the case 18 years forward, His left knee is progressing from intermediate menstrual tears he experienced in early November. Fatty did not have an easy recovery, but since his last surgery, he is progressing as expected and will have options to reappear soon.

In the case Ka out dinho, Who suffered an external menstrual injury to his left knee, is continuing his recovery process, which has been severed in recent months. Sergei Roberto, For his part, turned from his injury to the anterior rectum of his right thigh Ronald Arazo, But from his sprained ankle.

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