'Eli' Gutierrez talks about demands he allegedly made to William Levy in an endorsement deal

Alleged claims of Elizabeth Gutierrez

According to what has emerged, Christopher and Kylie's mother will make the request Three thousand dollars a month for the support of his daughterAs well as A 500 thousand dollar house to live with her.

Also, the June 4 airing of Siéntese Quien Pueda! Journalist Alex Rodriguez told the show that the actress and Kylie will return to the family home while William temporarily travels to Spain to film a movie.

But upon returning to Cuba, 'Eli' and the young man will relocate again, but to the property that Gutierrez is asking for, the journalist said.

According to information, Levy disagrees With the demands and since they are not married, they are not obliged to comply.

Elizabeth Gutierrez puts an end to the speculation

What a lie! What a shame to continue exploiting it and continuing to discover! We will always be a family… And we will see for its benefit,” he wrote without elaborating.

Elizabeth Gutierrez Denies Claims Regarding Support Agreement

debt: Elizabeth Gutierrez/Instagram

Can Elizabeth move to Los Angeles?

At the end of May, Jomari Goizou asked her friend what had happened to William Levy.

“I mean, my whole family is there, so it would be ideal for me to work and live there and for my kids, but… no,” he pointed out.

Currently, Elizabeth is resuming her artistic career and is part of the hosts of Despierta America, where she is ¡Hola! He warned in an interview with: “Right now I'm definitely focused on my career and my kids,” he said.

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