Electoral analyst: Sichel “is giving all the space” to José Antonio Kast

The sociologist and electoral analyst Axel callis evaluated the complex political week that the official presidential candidate, Sebastián Sichel, had, and pointed out that with the campaign that he has carried out so far “He is giving up all the space to a José Antonio Kast”, the candidate for La Moneda of the Republican Party.

Everything started with the progress of the project of the fourth withdrawal of 10 percent of pension funds in the Lower House, something that Sichel categorically rejected and that was questioned for “threatening” his parliamentarians, followed by his confession of having made the previous withdrawals , facts that marked the most complex week of the official candidate.

The also director of TuInfluyes.com pointed out that it could happen, “for the first time, that a candidate who has more than a million votes in a primary of the pact, is not in the second round and at this minute I would say that is wasting through a campaign that has been extremely fast and full of confusion and uncertainty“.

So, in his opinion, “is giving all the space to a José Antonio Kast and who could be, eventually, the one who will accompany the candidacy of Gabriel Boric in the second round “.

For its part, from the command of Kast, the spokeswoman for the campaign, Macarena Santelicesindicated that his candidate is the “only one on the right, he always has been”, but beyond that, he clarified that “what happens within the parties and coalitions is undoubtedly regrettable, but we in no case interfere in those situations, we have been very respectful. “

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Even so, Santelices stated that “everyone has the doors open“.

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