Elections in Venezuela: María Corina Machado will not run, and Corina Yoris is chosen as the opposition candidate.

Opposition leader Maria Corina Machado (AP Photo/Arianna Cupillos)

The main opposition coalition in Venezuela, the Platform for Democratic Unity (PUD), proposed this Friday to the Historian Corina Yoris Due to the disqualification that prevents Chavista opposition leader María Corina Machado from running as a candidate for the July 28 presidential election.

After months of attacks and harassment by opposition candidate Chavismo, Machado He has finally announced that he will not contest the presidential election to be held in July and has been elected Yoris Instead of him.

In a statement to reporters, Machado confirmed the decision “Arising from the Debate on the Unity Powers” Also, as part of an agreed mechanism to “counter this obstacle”, in relation to his disqualification, approved by the Supreme Court (TSJ) in January, the sanction he described “An irrational, completely unconstitutional and cowardly act.”

Meanwhile, he will “tour throughout Venezuela to bring strength and hope to every corner of the country,” while continuing his fight against the disqualification that prevents him from running for public office until 2036.

Maria Corina Machado with Corina Yoris

“We found the right person and (…) she has earned the respect of all who knew her throughout her academic, professional and civic life”Machado described Yorris as “incompetent” and said he was a “totally trustworthy” person.

He accused the Nicolás Maduro regime of wanting to “close the road and the electoral path” to “deny all Venezuelans a path to change, to peaceful independence”.

“But they're not going to get there and we're determined to move forward and do what we have to do to stay on this path and fulfill the mandate of almost 3 million Venezuelans that we reached on October 22 . . . to show the world what we're capable of,” Machado said.

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In this sense, Machado emphasized that the majority opposition party will receive an “antidote” for “every trap” found on the road to the presidential election.

For his part, Yoris expressed feelings “Great commitment to people” With Venezuela and Machado, he thanked for “this act of faith” and expressed his desire to move towards “a path of change in Venezuela”.

Renowned Venezuelan academic, specialist in philosophy and letters and doctor of history at the Andrés Bello Catholic University (Ucab), has recently been appointed a full member of the Venezuelan Language Academy. With a distinguished career in education and philosophy, the professor has taught logic and argument theory classes at prestigious institutions, including the University of Salamanca.

In addition to his academic work, the professor has held leadership positions in various philosophy-related organizations. He was president of the Venezuelan Society of Philosophy, and a member of the board of directors of the Inter-American Society and the Ibero-American Philosophy Network. Likewise, he was recognized for his contributions to the field by receiving the Andres Bello Catholic University Order in Michoacán, Mexico, and the Federico Rio Philosophical Research Award.

He was celebrated for three decades of dedication and service to the institution of higher education, reflecting his commitment to promoting education and critical thinking. Furthermore, his appointment as a member of the Mexican Academy of Logic and the International Étienne Gilson Society underlines his international reputation in the study of logic and philosophy.

His participation as a key member of the National Primary Commission of the Unitary Platform since November 2022 shows his active involvement in the social and educational sector of Venezuela. He holds a master's degree in Latin American literature from Simon Bolivar University (USB), which attests to his deep knowledge and appreciation of the cultural and literary wealth of Latin America.

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