Elections in Venezuela: Chavismo disqualifies many opposition mayors to encourage vote, they warn

Venezuelan opposition candidate Simón Calzadilla (EFE/ Miguel Gutierrez)

Venezuela's dissident Simon Calzadilla this Friday pledged the political disqualification of anti-Chavista mayors, the Comptroller General's Office. Seeks to promote boycott Ahead of the July 28 presidential election.

“They are not going to scare us, on the contrary, here we continue, here we continue, with the people in the streets, in the campaign to create change on July 28,” said the general secretary of the Movement for Venezuela (MPV). ), quoted in the press release.

According to him, this result only reflects “Fear and Weakness in the Dangerous Electoral Situation of Nicolás Maduro's Government”It says it strengthens “a people's determination” to vote in favor of Edmundo González Urrutia, the standard-bearer of the opposition coalition Platform for Democratic Unity (PUD).

Venezuela's Comptroller General has disqualified Iraima Vázquez and José María Fermín, opposition mayors from the municipalities of Tubors and Villalba, respectively, from public office for 15 years in the state of Nueva Esparta (northeast) as councilors – as they promised the agency. EFE Wednesday – Not announced.

The Comptroller's Office page mentions the disqualification as per two resolutions dated May 24, 2024, however, there has been no public statement from the company so far.

Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia, the presidential candidate of Venezuela's main opposition coalition, at a campaign event in Caracas, June 13, 2024 (REUTERS)

PUD candidate González Urrutia condemned Wednesday Political disqualification of a dozen mayors from two regions of the country.

Through social networking In retaliation for supporting his candidacyHe will also face Nicolás Maduro, who is seeking his second re-election.

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“Our support for the 10 mayors of Trujillo and Nueva Esparta who were unjustly disqualified for supporting our candidacy. The growing persecution confirms that Venezuela has decided to change and will express it decisively this July 28,” wrote González Urrutia, without naming names.

On the other hand, the Carter Center announced this Friday that it is sending an observation mission to these presidential elections. Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE) called for 2023 as part of an agreement signed by Chavismo and the opposition in Barbados in October, the organization said in a statement.

The work will be led by Jenny Lincoln, Senior Advisor at the Carter Center for Latin America and the Caribbean. It will arrive in Venezuela on June 29. According to its report, it does not conduct a comprehensive evaluation of voting, counting and tabulation processes given its limited scope and scope. “Evaluations of work are based on national legal frameworks, regional and international human rights obligations and standards for democratic elections,” he explained.

The Carter Center has monitored several elections in Venezuela, including expert work on the 2021 regional and local elections.

(with information from EFE)

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