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It happened over the weekend What surprised social media users the most was the fact that different artists and influencers were encouraging people to vote for Mexico’s Green Ecological Party (PVEM), thus violating the election ban.

The move has been widely criticized by all because not only did they get paid to promote a political party, but they also did it at the wrong time, which led to a complete ban on proselytizing three days before the vote.

Authorities say about 80 civilians have violated the election ban and all are under investigation. Here we tell you the names of some of the celebrities who joined this proselytizing campaign and violated Mexican laws a day before the vote.

Sherlyn is one of the actresses accused of violating the election ban (Photo: Instagram)

Artists and Influencers Who Violated Electrical Scripture

The script plan was the same. They become a common question-and-answer, incidentally, when someone first asks them a question. If they are going to vote This Sunday is June 6 and another. In this sense, they make sure to participate on election day, They call on the people to do this, and finally, they point out that their votes will go to the “Green Party” because of the plans they put forward “in favor of the environment.”

Faced with this situation, it has started to spread through networks and Twitter account What a fake @ Videos that act as a resource that personalities want Carla Diaz and Regina Murguna (both members of the JNS crew), Barbara de Regil, Brenda Sambrano, Celia Lora, Daniel Batista, Danilo Carrera, Eliasar Gomez, Eugenio Siller, Gabriel Soto, Ferca, Gretel Lamdo , Laura Gee, Manley, Miguel Martinez, Raul Araiza, Point Preto, Brando Benich, Raquel Picora, Romina Marcos, Sheridan, Sherlyn Gonzalez, In many, they influenced the publication of the purpose of the vote.

How much did you pay to advertise PVEM?

As mentioned in Instagram Instagram chicapicosa2, the celebrity and entertainment characters will be funded by agencies dedicated to digital marketing, with payments for each. 10 thousand to 200 thousand pesos, Depending on its impact and the number of followers.

List of Influencers who have been paid to promote PVEM (Photo: Chicapicosa 2)
List of Influencers who have been paid to promote PVEM (Photo: Chicapicosa 2)

What is an election ban?

The Vedha election A period in which any campaign will be canceled so that people can reflect their votes without being surrounded by advertising and decide independently.

According to Section 251 of the General Law on Electoral Institutions and Procedures, three days before the election and until the official conclusion of the election, it is “prohibited to publish or disseminate in any form the results of polls or opinion polls intended to publicize the electoral preferences of citizens.”

The election ban includes offers to parties, political groups, candidates, citizens, election observers, officials, civil servants, notaries, foreigners, radio and television.

What can not be done in the election scripture?

  • Neither parties nor candidates can distribute campaigns or hold rallies.
  • They cannot or will not vote.
  • They cannot publish poll or election preference results.
  • They cannot proselytize campaign activities and elections.
  • All forms of election and government campaigning are prohibited.
  • It is not allowed to march against or against parties or candidates.
  • You cannot disseminate or report annual jobs.
  • There should be no election campaign near the polls on election day.
  • Candidates should suspend any advertising system on social networks and internet.

What are the penalties for violating the election scriptures?

Disrespectful citizens Vedha election They may be reprimanded for violating the Electoral Code and allowed if justice is proven wrong.

Section 140 of the National Electoral Code states that anyone who deceives another “to vote in a certain way or to refrain from doing so” is liable to imprisonment for a term of 2 months to 2 years.

Whoever “violates the secrecy of the vote” (Article 141) will be punished with imprisonment for up to 3 years.

In this case, the technical division for the election case of the INE would have to consolidate the criminal investigation file and transfer it to the Special Regional Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF), which would decide whether to allow it. Green Party ecologist from Mexico (PVEM).

Influencers have the power to point out if they commit a crime and they may be allowed to do so.

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