El Sulo fulfills his dream of buying a Lamborghini: “I did it!”

¡Pimp Unstoppable! After your purchase Rolls Royce Wright For last year’s money, the Cuban regatta has fulfilled another big dream: his Lamborghini.

The president of the cast shared a video of his new achievements on his social networks, launching a message ahead of the criticism he received last year. Show Rolls Royce.

“It’s never wrong to publish your achievements, but understand that showing it to a frustrated person will make the jealous one say you want to attract attention, and you will be a role model and inspiration for the dreamer to follow. I made it to hell, I never stopped dreaming, I love you, “he wrote next to the video.

“From Belen in Old Havana to the world, always referring to the Cubans,” the artist said.

El Sloan’s new record is a white Lamborghini Hurasin, a high-performance sports car with a top speed of 345 km / h, and a naturally desired V10 engine.

The Lamborghini Huras features high technology, a complete LED lighting system and aerodynamic lines designed to withstand the wind.

Some colleagues of his genre congratulated him:

“Congratulations Abel, you work hard for it, you act with a lot of discipline, it always brings great achievements and blessings,” commented Yomil.

“Congratulations My Jabitto”, Jacob wrote forever, while Miss Dayana and Alex Dowell left the concept of “Heart”.

Despite El Sloan’s words, there were those who left the impression that publishing those things was humble and that none of the successful international artists did those things.

“What a great thing, I ‘ve never seen any successful millionaire do it, but it’s a free world.” “Adults never publish a car or a watch. I’m never seen Mark Anthony publish these things.

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However, in the world of reggae and Latin and international urban music, Most of the exponents are from the streets and humble neighborhoods, it is very common for artists to show off their material achievements, cars, boats, houses and publish the luxurious life they enjoy on their networks.

Many fans of El Sloan congratulated him, praised his new record and thanked him for mentioning them in his video.

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