El Salvador is still alive

El Salvador is still alive. When everything seemed to be against him, Enrico Tunas allowed a genius Marvin Marquez goal so that the nationalists are still alive in the pre-Olympic Games.

There is no room for speculation. El Salvador started with three changes from the start. And defended defensively and midfielder Eric Calvillo’s right-hander Lisandro Claros’ entry attack.

The previous result opened up a panorama of the possibilities of El Salvador. Haiti drew the draw against Canada, and it allowed Hugo Perez’s men to have another look at the game.

The last game was overflowing with difficulties and in the absence of Marvin Marquez he became a leading choice along with Enrico Dunas, who further delayed his position.

The first few minutes the blue and white turned to disturb. Honduras read the game well and devoted himself to putting pressure on midfield to block the start and play the Cascutlego error.

Honduras had control of the party. In Basil, he maintained his momentum and found times to build up a presence in the weak national defense.

Hugo Perez’s men gave up a lot of space in midfield and without enough pressure, there was no problem returning to the competitor and finding the next pass.

Nerve at the surface. It was hard for the national team to find each other as it happened in the first minutes of the match against Canada. Enrico Tunas was the victim of the tight mark and inspection that the Honduran defense had on him.

But minutes passed, and El Salvador was able to get out of the persecution after 30 minutes, in which it provided seats and left the attacking planes to think and return.

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The nationalists did not mention an arrival. Dunas, Perez and Rivas showed insanity after making a small contribution to what they had done before a rival’s harsh identity.

El Salvador took it cheap and started making it at the end of the first part. Blue inhaled and created his football in 41 minutes and tested them as Joshua Perez went over the crossbar with a free kick.

At the end of the first half, Hugo Perez’s men seemed to be out of business, as the Honduran national team put pressure on the first quarter of the hour, little by little the team found consistency and the soldiers involved in the attack began to gain confidence.

The goal came and went

Honduras came out to press again. He found wings and places on a sleeping team, and Douglas Martinez used it to enter without a title and score 1-0.

Bucket of cold water. In the first half he withstood the Honduran attacks, the team failed again at the start and his goal in the match fell again due to the small reaction of Mario Gonzalez, who could do nothing but pass him.

The Hugo Perez-led side lost midfield a little bit, but luck and uniqueness came. When El Salvador created minors, a shot from Enrico Tunas was badly destroyed and newcomer Marvin Marquez advanced again. 1-1.

Of course change. Encouraging goal selection, since the 70s, Tunas Hernandez has returned to play a key role in the game and has restored confidence and led the team with high goal options.

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In the 80’s, El Salvador’s side were lucky after being saved by Mario Gonzalez, which ended up in office again.

Honduras began to cheer, but time did not work out in their favor. El Salvador is still alive in the pre-Olympic competition.


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