El Salvador does not comply with Interpol’s demands for political arrests

Five former FMLN officers, including Salvador Sanchez Seron, have been removed from the international arrest list.

Interpol removes red notices (international arrest warrants) against former Salvador President Salvador Sanchez Seron And four other former FMLN executives: Jose Guillermo Belarmino Lopez Suarez, Manuel Orlando Quinteros, Gerson Martinez, Lina Dolores Paul Alfaro and Jose Manuel Melker Henriques, accused of money laundering and money laundering. Third trial court in San Salvador.

This is because, according to Section 3 of its laws, Interpol is prohibited from carrying out arrest warrants that are considered politically motivated or superficial. In this case, the former Salvadoran refers to the authorities.

According to court documents, on September 23, the Interpol National Central Office in El Salvador received a message from the Special Committee on Announcements and Dissemination of Interpol’s General Secretariat, where they explained Art 3 of the Interpol Act. The General Secretariat has decided that requests for red broadcast notices against five Salvadorans will be removed from its databases.

Section 3 of the Interpol Act establishes: “The organization is strictly prohibited from taking any action or interference in matters or matters of a political, military, religious or ethnic nature.”

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The Third Court of Inquiry received the notification on the same day 23rd by official letter PNC / 1.14.22 / b1-483 / 2021.

“IV) Regarding the announcement of Chief NCB INTERPOL El Salvador, it appears in Fs 14589 Official Letter No. 1389, signed by the Second Judge of the Peace of this City, which ordered the red spread of the ICPO-INTERPOL Act and its general provisions, and therefore the copy which is not in this case Also note the reasons for the removal of the red notice from the Interpol database … which includes the decision to delete the names of five former officers.

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Ahead of the first message from Republican leader Diario El Mundo, Naib Boukel wrote on his Twitter account: It is clear which side the majority of the “international community” is on. If we defend and negotiate with the corrupt, their hands will fall without applause.

Five former officers who have been removed from the internationally wanted list have been temporarily detained along with Juan Raman Carlos Enrique Cesares Chavez, Calico Magna Hernandez, Elvia Violeta Menzver, Hugo Alexander Flores Hidalgo and Erlinda Handel Vega. Prisons accused of illegal enrichment and fraud of money and property.

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They were all arrested on July 22, in what finance and police officials called “Operation Fraud.”

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An initial investigation is underway against five former FMLN officers, who will be determined if they remain in custody

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