US warns of deportation of undocumented Nigerians “immediately” – Prinza Libre

The U.S. embassy in Nicaragua on Wednesday warned Nicaraguans not to enter their territory illegally or face “immediate” deportation.

“If you come to the U.S. border irregularly, alone or as an accomplice, you will be deported immediately. Do not believe the lies of the coyotes (expatriate smugglers) and do not embark on a vain journey,” the U.S. headquarters in Managua said in a statement.

Overseas Nicaragua (NEEM) data shows that by 2021, the number of Nicaraguans who have chosen to emigrate, mainly to Costa Rica and the United States, will have more than doubled from the previous three years to more than 100,000.

The U.S. embassy added that “the Department of Homeland Security is rapidly launching deportation flights for those who have no legal basis to stay in the United States.”

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