El Fungi asks for help to find work in America: “I came to fight”

Eliezer Márquez Duani, a Cuban musician and activist known as “El Funky,” asked for help finding work in the United States, where he arrived two years ago after months of persecution by the Havana regime.

“Hi brothers, I am looking for job (I have work permit), let me know,” he posted. Facebook.

“I have no regrets,” he said, because he went to the United States “to fight like any Cuban outside his land.”

Publication in Facebook

He clarified that it was a practical issue that had “nothing to do with the struggle” (against the dictatorship on the island and for the release of political prisoners, among whom is his friend, the rapper Maegal Ozorbo).

Funky is an important thing Cuban rapperOr that he was persecuted by the regime for his connections with Osorbo and the opposition San Isidro Movement and as a result of his participation in the song “Homeland and life“, which challenged the Havana regime and became an anti-dictatorship anthem.

Many Cuban activists were exiled AmericaThe road in the quest for employment and economic stability is not easy.

In his publication he includes a photo of himself, where he appears to be working in a warehouse full of boxes.

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