El Commander, who was rushed to hospital, had strong symptoms

Mexican regional music singer Alfredo Rios, Is called “The Commander”, It was Hospitalized emergency, Recently, due to a severe stomach infection he presented.

When he shares everything through his official social networks and with his followers and stories, it indicates that eating fish in the worst condition is the main reason. Instagram, Everything that happened based on his current health.

That’s right, thanks for sharing Rios with Internet users A story In the above usage, the singer said that he was suffering from a minor stomach ailment due to poor diet or Poor health handling The same.

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In this way he mentioned it on his official Instagram: “Not so little, I wanted to post a video today, it could not, but hey, here we are, trying to be better, congratulations” since the singer first said குலியாக்கன், The capital of the state of Sinaloa.

Similarly, later in a video Singer He started to feel bad for a few days, however, it did not get much importance because it was only a slight abdominal pain, but yesterday it got worse and that is why he was admitted to a hospital.

Also, for the obvious concern of his fans, “El Commander” has been mentioned for the fans Media And its audience Medical care To prevent worsening of symptoms or to complicate the situation.

From last week he began to feel uncomfortable, said he was not really feeling well, the discomfort had progressed to the point where he could not tolerate them and decided to go for medical care.

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The singer, who was confronted with the latter, went with his father and ate a fish he did not like very much: “I was a little sick to my stomach, I did not progress on Sunday, and to this day I have already come with him. The doctor, the doctor did not let me come, and … well, well, here they have this kind of medicine with me, “he said.

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He said he had argued with the nurse who treated him that he was going to air on social networks, but he did not care because he was not going to appear in the film, to which the nurse responded that he was fine.

Likewise, showing that he feels good, the Cinalon musician told his loyal followers a little joke: “It’s good to have social networks because otherwise I would be bored there,” he says in the video.

It is noteworthy that he also mentioned that he was not admitted to the hospital for C0VID problems because he had done the respective test before entering the hospital and fortunately the result turned out to be negative, Alfredo concludes the video that he was treated very well and he received first class care and thanked those in charge of his health .

Finally, we believe it is necessary to point out that it is not clear when the singer will be able to leave the hospital, but judging by his video clip in which he can see that his fans are not overly concerned, he missed the opportunity to end with a joke showing that he did not do so and healed.

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For his part, his ardent fans highlighted that he recently had health problems because he shared that he had an accident on his truck a few days ago, but fortunately it did not happen to adults, in addition, they mentioned his clarity on weight loss, which is also the cause of health problems, however, The artist makes no mention of this.

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