EFE Receives the Meases Award for Promoting Spanish in Science and Health – Society

Today, the EFE Agency received the Spanish Mides-MEDicine Award for Best Institution, awarded by the Lilly Foundation, for the promotion of the Spanish language in medical and scientific knowledge.

This award, collected by the President of the EFE, Gabriela Canas, was presented in the framework of the Meases Conference organized by the Lilly Foundation in the summer sessions of the Complutense University of El Escorial.

The Meds Awards are given annually in two categories, Best Institution, an award awarded by EFE, and Best Initiative won by the COVID-19 Dictionary Project, to facilitate the reliable transmission of scientific information and to enhance its understanding by the general public.

The jury for this award honors EFE for its long history in the dissemination of science and culture and, in particular, highlights the work carried out through the creation of related initiatives such as FundéuRAE, EFEsalud and the Department of Science.

The President of the EFE thanked for granting this recognition and noted that the agency’s science and health journalists have encouraged citizens, in times of great uncertainty, as a result of COVID-19, with accuracy, verification, and specialization.

Gabriela Canas highlighted, through their news, that they carried out awareness-raising, awareness-raising, education and inclusion work that undoubtedly led to the interest of society in general and the press in particular.

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