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The former Colombian senator spoke harshly about the country’s sovereignty. He denied that Alex Saab and Sucre were linked to the organization.

The Ecuadorian embassy in Colombia rejected the revelations of former Colombian senator Pedro Cordoba, which was released on radio on January 11. FM World, He was consulted for allegedly being involved in the investigation of Sucre System and Alex Chop. When Interview, C கோrdoba was upset and insulted legislator Fernando Villavicencio, who handed over the documents of the case to President Ivan Duc.

When journalist Fausto Yépez recalled that an investigation was underway against a Colombian businessman in the United States, C கோrdoba said: “Alex Chopin’s problem is Alex Chopin’s problem, it’s not my problem (…) but if it is with me, they have been telling me that I have been under investigation for a long time. Or declare to me that I am being questioned for reasons X, Y or Z … but I have no faith in the transcendence of justice. We (Colombia) are a sovereign nation, which is why we are different from you (Ecuador) because we defend sovereignty, we defend our ability as a nation ”.

“We (Ecuador) also defend sovereignty,” Jebes replied. And Cர்டrdoba concluded: “What sovereignty are you going to defend? Believe those lies. He guaranteed that his rat Villavicencio would be in prison.

The Ecuadorian embassy in Colombia responded to the reports on January 12, noting that the former senator had “attacked Ecuador’s institutions and sovereignty with insulting and unacceptable expressions.”

The embassy rejected “any disgraceful demonstration against the people of Ecuador.”

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Crdoba was not involved in the Ecuadorian legislature’s investigation into allegations of wrongdoing with the Sukre organization and businessman Saab.

“It’s a Fake news (Fake news). That rat’s way you chose (Fernando) Villavicencio in Congress, in the legislature there. The historic agreement that I will be the senator I will elect and President Gustavo Pedro, we can be defeated (…) He is formulating a clear strategy that I have nothing to do. I have nothing to do with him, Sucre, research funds, “said the former Colombian senator.

Yepas asked him how many times he had traveled to Ecuador and how one of them had relocated with his son and Alex Chop on a private plane in 2013.

C கோrdoba responded that he had traveled the country “a thousand times” but not for business and that he had “nothing to do” with what the journalist said.

“They’re not going to put me against the wall. They respect me. They have 40 years of political life in my country and continent. I have not been prosecuted for corruption. They will not, ”he said.

As of 9:40 pm on Wednesday, the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry had not ruled on what Crdoba said. (I)

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