Earthquake Summary in Mexico September 20 | News, affected states and magnitude of the earthquake

INAH reported that many historical and cultural sites suffered damage after the magnitude 7.7 earthquake.

continuously 7.7 magnitude earthquake Today, September 19, 2022, which occurred at 1:05 pm in the center of the country, an earthquake occurred in Colcoman, Michoacán. National Institute of Anthropology and History Announced series of effects on historical cultural sites:

1. in Michigan Damage was reported to some historical properties in Colcoman, Paracho, San Juan Nuevo, Batescuaro, Hutamo and Tinguintin. Among them, there were reports of damage to buildings such as the Santiago Apostol Temple in Colcomán, the Community Temple of Tagatzcuaro, and the Municipal Palace and Basilica of Health in Batzcuaro.

2 inches Colima, On the other hand, there were reports of minor damage to the walls of Colima’s History Museum and the breaking of a dozen small shaped pieces displayed in its rooms.

3. In turn, Jalisco Represents small sections of quarry in the temples of La Merced and San Agustin in Guadalajara, and some cracks in the Regional Museum of the same city. On the other hand, in places like Chapala, Damasula de Cortiano, Miravalle, San Martín de las Flores and San Petrito, in Tlagpagu, libraries are being damaged.

4.In Nayarit, Similarly, quarry landslides have been reported in the cupolas of Debic Cathedral.

5. So far, there has been no damage to cultural heritage in Mexico City and the State of Mexico with respect to the states of Morelos, Querétaro, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tlaxcala.

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