Drums and construction debris, new abandoned waste in the natural area of ​​Os Gavos

Drums and construction debris, new abandoned waste in the natural area of ​​Os GavosFdf

Twenty days ago, it was a refrigerator, and this Saturday, in a new march carried out by volunteers Vibolorio Environmental Association On the banks of the Os Javos River, the sad discovery of naturalists was a large rusty barrel and several workbags filled with debris. It is the new “gifts” that the unscrupulous give to this Natural Area of ​​Local Interest (ENIL) From Pontevedra.

On this occasion, the waste was located on the ADIF service road near Muíño de CabanasIn the heart of Enel d'os Javos. Apparently, some people go to the trouble of transporting the rubbish they left in their homes to this natural area, so Vaipolorio volunteers, who have been working for more than twenty years to protect this river and its surroundings, do not stop crossing. These unpleasant discoveries every weekend.

On a recent visit to the area twenty days ago, today's surprise was an old refrigerator filled with other waste.

This device was located in Ponte da Condesa. Someone decided to move it to this place, taking advantage of the Easter holiday.

An abandoned refrigerator on the bank of the Os Javos river, in the Tomisa department.

Environmentalists have already drawn the attention of the authorities to this new leak with powers in environmental matters, and they once again have to lament this leak. Uncivil actions on the part of some citizensDespite all the awareness campaigns and all the information that can be provided in this regard.

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The area receiving this waste has been declared a natural area of ​​local importance for its environmental value.

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