Drew Scott’s secret to making the most of a room’s space

As time goes by we are evolving and transforming many aspects of our life depending on new tastes, preferences or needs. The same happens with our home, to which from time to time we must give a wash of image or do everything possible because adapts to our routines.

He knows a lot about this Drew scott -one of the well-known Scott brothers-, an expert in the management of real estate and home renovations, either for individuals or in the different television programs he has starred in with his twin, Jonathan.

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, in a file image. (Reuters)

Since they started in this field professionally with eighteen years they have had many experiences and have faced all kinds of constructions, so their knowledge allows them to choose what it is the best for your own home.

In collaboration with the interior design company Resource furniture, Drew has surprised by revealing what his trick is to make the most of his attic. Nothing more and nothing less than a folding bed that is hiding in the wall, but how does it work?

In the video that the company itself has published, we can see that it is a evolution of the traditional ‘Murphy bed’. The piece acts as a solution, expanding the space of the room by showing a shelf on one side of the wall and one fold out size bed in the other.

The protagonist of ‘The house of my dreams’, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife Linda Phan, he undertook this project during his quarantine to try to kill time and find a way to make his attic more functional with the objective of host guests when the pandemic passes.

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Drew Scott’s attic. (Resource Furniture)

The side of the shelf stays upright when the bed is not needed and at bedtime the frame can be pulled out of the wall twisting and pulling with a slight movement down. Considering that no one has visited them yet, they use the room to other activities.

“We knew we wanted this to be mainly for guests, but also a space that we could use […]. It became our room for yoga, reading and just relaxing, “Drew Scott tells ‘People’ magazine.

Drew Scott’s attic. (Resource Furniture)

“I am a great advocate for make the most of every inch home square […]. We love that family and friends stay with us and it is perfect to know that our room is ready at any time for our guests, “he explains.

Regarding the decoration, they have tried to follow the same line as the rest of the house, but adding A special touch: “The shelves have also become a unique personal space for us; it is where we place the items that we have collected on trips, as well as the books they have a place in our hearts. “

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