Drake Bell was arrested for sending a substance harmful to minors

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Famous American singer and actor Drake Bell Was arrested in Ohio After being charged Spread the harmful substance to minors, As well as Try not to endanger children, According to the TMZ portal.

Police Cleveland Showed a photo of the protagonist of the series’Drake y Josh‘During the time you stayed Prison; He is accused of having inappropriate conversations (Even a sexual nature) With a minor in December 2017, when he appeared in town to give a concert.

translator Pleaded not guilty Y Published After paying the fine At $ 500 per thousand; He was ordered to return to court on June 23 and ordered to have no contact with the victim.

He was charged with physical and verbal abuse

Before Melissa Lingafeld, Also known as Jimmy Ono on social media, noted that it exists He abused her physically and verbally, That charges Bell Denied.

“When I say verbal abuse, Imagine the worst verbal abuse I got that you can imagine. Then Became a physicist, Hitting, throwing, everything. In the crowd, he It dragged me down the stairs From our home in Los Belis (California), My face hit with every step. I have pictures of this, ”Lingafeld said.

At the moment, the 34-year-old artist, and who is especially popular in our country due to the success of the series’ broadcast Nickelodeon Between 2004 and 2007, no comments were made.

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