Dorado prevented Tata Martino from resigning from the Mexican national team

The accompanying vibration Departure of Gerardo Dorado Management of national teams led the way Gerardo Martino should think about his resignationAlthough the former director himself who constantly reassured him To complete a process that the two took place together.

The sub-20s did not qualify for the Special World Cup after the defeat. For the 2024 OlympicsApart from being omitted from the women’s squad for the World Cup, the need for specialized skills led to the need for heads. leading Borrego to leave the organizationBut it couldn’t have been the only one, as Tata wanted out anyway Qatar 2022 is only a few months away.

“I worked with Gerardo Martino from the beginning of his career. I spoke to him when they fired me.. He’s not in MexicoBut in Argentina. I am talking about a somewhat unexpected situation. All of them, except Tata, had a full coaching staff, and I went out with my goats and he ended up finding out.

Tata talked to Yon earlier about Louisa and said ‘I’m leaving’ and I told him no.“If it was for me, I wouldn’t do it, because the fact that he had a complete process and that he did well in Qatar would be my greatest joy,” he explained to ‘Los Maestros de la Jugada’.

He recognized that he was one of the people in the same program Influenced Martino’s arrival in technical directionSo after their analysis he is convinced that it is a good decision.

In his talks with Yon de Luisa, he made them realize the need to not only play against the same rivals in America, but to play like always. New frontiers had to be sought regardless of minimal economic benefits That I can throw

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Against Liga MX

On the other hand, Dorado established a strong criticism against Liga MX A bunch of foreign players This prevents the Mexican soldiers from jumping Uses a design that is not competitively beneficial.

The number of foreigners should be reduced. Maybe they put some sort of lock on being really good and helping young people. Boarding and landing should be open, so the players feel the pressure. Let go out to play from Matchday 1, let mom break. 12 ads seems like a bad decision to me, it doesn’t benefit the game area”.

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