Dominicans shine in Premier Juventus 2021

Dominican talent shines in the 18th edition of Premios Juventus. Clarissa Molina, El Alpha, Axel Rule, Nino Freestyle, Manny Cruz, Daniel Santa Cruz, Simbala and Natty Natasha hoisted the Dominican flag.

Host and actress Clarissa Molina won the awards for her participation in the PJ. Was responsible for the acquisition.

Brothers Manny Cruz and Daniel Santa Cruz attend Premios Juventus 2021

Natty Natasha’s first presentation

Two months after giving birth to her daughter, Natty Natasha took to the stage with Neo Garcia and Brave with the first song of her live song “Pilisito”.

The artist from Santiago was updated with green hair and a stunning look and played with a beautiful figure.

The night was very special for the artist who won the category with his partner Robbie Bina, Together Light Up My Networks, and went with the whole family to collect the award.

“I am grateful to all the fans who came with me throughout this process and to all the fans who have been enjoying Vita’s uncles and aunts and God with me because she has given me the most beautiful family she could have,” Natty went with her baby, Vida, her partner Bina and her children.

Translator of “My Best Edition” won in the categories: Female Power with Peggy G, Tropical Mix with ThemeBefore the Sun Shines “With the Creole-looking artist Prince Royce.

Three presentations

When El Alpha had three-star performances at night, he made everyone dance.

The singer first performed the song “Take Care” with rapper Pitbull, Farooq, IM Sino and Omar Kortz.

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Later, the awards reunited the Dominican Tempo with El Alba and Farouk with a remix of the catchy song “SS Trucho S. Trucho” by young Creole Exponent Axel Rule.

The “Singapore” singer performed the song “Fulanido” live for the first time, which was a hit he recorded with Becky G. and was chanted by everyone there.

More rapper Nino Freestyle He took the stage to perform the song “I Do To Choir Remix” with Farooq.

Was responsible for the completion of the award Simbala And the music theme for his song “Logo” with Justin Quills and artists Zion and Lenox has already reached nearly 50 million views on YouTube and 48 million “streams” on Spotify.

Former player David Ortiz attended the awards ceremony. “Big Poppy” came with L Big.

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