Dominican tenant Henry Eli Kovil died

Dominican tenant Henry Eli died this Sunday after spending more than a week in hospital for Covit-19 at Dr. Marcelino Welles Santana Regional Hospital. He is 82 years old.

Eli was born on January 9, 1939, in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

He made his public debut when he was 9 years old. He began his musical studies with pianist Milton Cruz and Professor Julio Curiel and others with the Jose Ovidio Garcia Choir, directed by Professor Apollinar Bueno. He has been one of the most important national anthems.

He creates excellent art performances at social and school events across the country, accompanied by pianist Milton Cruz, professor Julio Curiel and many others.

In 1960, he was hired by Radio Caribe, played on television and nightclubs, and joined the National Choir as a soloist.

In 1961 he went to New York and sang on NBC TV, but returned in 1962.

In 1964 he was assigned to foreign service in Italy and served as an assistant at the Dominican Embassy in Rome.

Ingeman began his studies with Kokjiano. At the Santa Cecilia Academy in Rome, a songwriter from across the United States received an award for the first time, winning first place in the qualifying examination.

He studied at the center of the Massimo Theater in Palermo, with three qualifying rounds of 150 young singers from around the world. Fifteen graduates were selected for the two-year study, along with Italian soprano Elena M மti Nunciatta.

His authors are Soprano ines Albany Tellini and the famous Baridon Gino Becci. He also graduated from the prestigious academy (Sikiana, Siena City) with advanced singing.

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As a professional, he is employed by Palermo’s Top Theater, as well as Arlechnatta, Partida a Buccaneer (world premiere, directed by its author Vieira Dosatti), Maestro de Cappella, La Traviada, La Foncio del West, Bacchiocci, and Many others.

He auditioned and entered the La Scala Theater in Milan, where he studied with director Enrico de Mori. She has sung in Spain, Yugoslavia, Prague (seen by many Dominicans), Siana, Florence, Colombia, Venezuela, Curaக்கோao and more.

In 1968, he recorded selections for the Italian Opera in Algeria, a.k.a. Band of the Rome Lyric Opera performed by Priscilla.

On August 16 he sings for Dr. Joaquin Balakur and the entire Diplomatic Corps at the National Palace.

In the same year, he moved to Cleveland Ohio, where he sang on color television, and later performed in Portinone, Corsica, Tolmeso, Slimbergo, Manico, Lignano, Portocauro, Aviano, San Daniel and Vitorio Veneto.

In 1972 he sang at the opera Choto Lostelle and Opera in Rome.

In 1975 he participated extensively in the first season of the National Theater Opera, performing in operas: Barbero de Sevilla, Tosca, Tabaro and Madame Butterfly, to warm applause. He performs at the Horace Bushnell Memorial Hall in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

He performed for 5 consecutive months at the opening of the Club La Fuente Hotel in Jaragua in 1976, worthy performances Two Torado Awards for Best Artist and Best Performance of the Year.

In the same year he went to New York and sang at the Avery Fisher Hall in the Lincoln Center, the same year the US Embassy invited him to sing the Dominican and American National Anthem on Independence Day in the United States, an invitation that lasted for 10 years in a row.

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In 1977 he sings at the Oprah Carmen o la Traviada. The latter is recorded on the CD of the first night.

In 1978 he sang at Carnegie Hall in New York. In 1979 he was appointed National Theater Lyricist.

In 1980 she sang in the opera Don Pascual, which was a success, leading to the capture of Talia de Plata as the best songwriter singer, the first opera recorded on video.

In the same year, he performed concerts throughout Puerto Rico through the Inter American University.

In 1980 he sang the opera Madame Butterfly on the national stage. In 1981 he sings at the same venue Tosca Opera.

In 1982 he sings at the Trovador National Theater at the Opera. In 1983 he performed with the National Symphony Orchestra in the border area. In 1984, he performed at the University of Cunningham, Miami, Florida.

In the country, Hotel Jack Thar Village Puerto Plata R.D. for the governors of the Central Bank of Latin America, Spain and Japan.

In 1986 and 1987 he performed artist presentations for the Travel Agents Association (ADAVI) in Rome and San Jose Costa Rica respectively.

From 1988 to 1991 he was an Italian businessman and participated in six operas during the “Opera Under the Stars” season organized by Baridon America de Sanctis.

In 1990 he sings Jorge Velas as “Louisa Fernando y los Cavilans” at the Gaza Espana in Santo Domingo. Giorgio Louisa Fernandez at the Corsa de Campo Hotel in Los Romana in 1991.

On October 30 of the same year, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo conferred the title of Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Humanities.

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In 1992 he sings the opera 1492, which made a world debut, the most important event in the celebration of the discovery and evangelism of America.

On August 24, 1992, he was appointed Director of the Department of Singers at the request of his colleagues until August 2000. In 1996 the Society of Lovers of Light in Santiago honored him with the Best Dominican Artist Qualification Award.

In 1999, Dominican President Dr. Lionel Fernandez decorated him for his artistic merit at the behest of Duterte, Sanchez and Mella.

In 2000 he received two awards, one by the New World Masonic Lodge and the other by President Lionel Fernandez for Outstanding Public Servant of the Dominican Government.

In 2000 he again received two major awards: one for Outstanding Artist, presented by Santiago’s Masonic Lodge “Nuevo Mundo” and the other as one of the most important public servants in the Dominican State. Again Dr. Lionel Fernandez, President of the Dominican Republic.

(Written from the Dominican Encyclopedia).

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