Does Selena Quintanilla’s brother have a mental illness?

Behind the success of the songs Selena Quintanilla The ingenuity of his older brother Abraham Quintanilla AB Quintanilla, ?? Amor Prahibito ?? Who is the co-author of such songs? And ?? Like a flower ??.

The 57-year-old writer’s name is credited with the successful development Serie de Netflix It addresses life Queen of Tex-Mex And his musical beginnings Dinosaurs.

Behind Selena’s death, AB knew how to improve his career as a writer and music producer, and he formed the group Gumbia Kings And behind, Gumbia All Stars.

The ‘Selena: The Series’ Second Season, Dealing with a complex and subtle matter involved Mental Health AB Quintanilla, Suffers from bipolar disorder, manic-compulsive disorder and attention deficit disorder.

But this is not the first time Mental illness De Quintanilla, because, in 2015, the musician announced on a Mexican TV show that he was suffering from these problems and decided to treat them at his mother’s urging.

In the interview, he suffered several accidents after suffering a severe fall because he lost movement in his legs due to the accident.

After a while, AB Quintanilla returned to the operating room due to problems with one of his shoulders, from which they inserted 4 screws into the drive.

These circumstances, AB admits, have made him aware and concerned about his mental and physical health that he has lived through.

The second season of ‘Selena: The Series’ will air on Netflix streaming sites on May 14th.

AB Quintanilla is the older brother of Suzette and Selena Quintanilla, who are together ?? Selena y los dinosaurs ?? It began to gain popularity in the Texas music world.

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