Does Prince Harry Regret Moving to California with Meghan Markle? This is the reason

The British royal family and the Prince Harry with Meghan Markle More in search of a new way of life FreeLooks like things didn’t go as expected. Youngest son of King Carlos III, For many of the privileges he enjoyed went away with his noble title.

Why is Prince Harry unhappy with Meghan Markle?

According to reports Online radarThe fame of the young prince It was not successful (Or at least that’s how I’m used to it) In California, many Hollywood celebrities They are not interested in intimacy Son of Lady D

Unlike when he lived in England, important times Celebrities and approved Sports stars They had friendly gestures with the former member of the royal family. The above incidents offended the Duke of Sussex, who enjoyed the grace of others without making an effort.

Why is Prince Harry unhappy with Meghan Markle? Photo: Archive

What does Meghan Markle think about her husband’s adjustment to his new life?

Although the beautiful actress has not given any statement about it, it is clear that she is very good used to To live in remote Montecito Regulated State RulesIn addition to all the media pressure, he lives a very peaceful life.

We believe that the prince Enrique Quickly find a group of friends who make you feel at home, because no one said starting over was easy.

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