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the Catholic religion It denotes heaven and hell, where sinners go as punishment.

Pictures and representations of this place appear with fire and flames to indicate the high temperatures.

in 1972Two physicists calculated the temperatures of heaven and hell based on passages in the Bible. Here are some results:

What is the temperature in hell?

This post was published in the Journal of Applied Optics, which is anonymous and known only to English scientists, according to National Geographic.

he a result It caused controversy because, according to research, the temperature of Heaven will be higher than that of Hell.

One of the biblical passages dealt with refers to a lake of sulfur, so the authors reasoned that if this is the case, it must be in a liquid state.

the Temperature Then the liquid sulfur turns into a vapor state of 444.6°C, so the temperature of Hell must be lower than that.

What is the sky temperature?

Meanwhile, to find out the temperature of the sky, a passage was taken from Isaiah in which he points out: “And then the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times greater, like: the light of seven days.”

the Explanation Scientists explain that the sky received seven times more radiation from the moon than the earth receives from the sun.

For this reason, the radiation in the sky is up to 49 times that on Earth and to explain this, they used the thermodynamic Stefan-Boltzman law.

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In it prove that radiation It fits with the temperature raised to four degrees and the average number of 25 degrees was taken, so the result was 525 degrees Celsius in the sky.

A later study provided another explanation in which they took the only factor 7 and not 49, so in this case the temperature of heaven would be 231.5 degrees, lower than hell.

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