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Ginidin’s bad relationship with Zidane and the constant injuries are the most detrimental cocktail to his life.

Life is full of coincidences. On the same day that James Rodriguez expects his long-awaited debut for Al-Rayan in Qatar, a countdown begins for him: the Colombian midfielder has 1,000 days left to put an end to his career.

Ever since he left Real Madrid, one of the questions he has been asked in interviews or through his social networks is at what age he expects to retire as a professional footballer. To the surprise of many, at the time James noted that he hoped to do it soon: “Football is short, up to a maximum of 34, I think. So, these years I will try to be at the highest level and be able to play football well ”.

That provisional date set is relatively close. James Rodriguez turns 33 on July 12, 2024, exactly a thousand days away. If he decides to fulfill that desire he expressed about two years ago, it is estimated that it will be possible to see him active in the fields, the newspaper publishes. Mark From Spain.

Now, it is true that the Colombian player has revealed a different deadline to retire on other occasions. In some exchanges through his social networks in 2021 he said he estimates it will do 34 to 35. Only time will tell.

What are the reasons for James to retire soon? Some time ago he said: “What’s going on is, I’m been playing professionally since I was 14, so there’s already been a long road several kilometers away. I want to be a manager or president, and I’m studying for that. (…) Yes, I’m going to do things I can not do everyday during the holidays and go back to business. This is something I have already planned. “

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It is clear that James’ spark is fading. Motivation does not seem to be the same as it was a few years ago. His early victories at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil opened the door for him to reach the football elite with Real Madrid, and that joy did not last long.

Ginidin’s bad relationship with Zidane and the constant injuries are the most detrimental cocktail to his life. Later, when given the opportunity to live in Bayern Munich, he asked the leadership of the German club not to use the buying option.

After another turmoil with Zizou in Real Madrid, he joined his eternal father in football. Carlo Ancelotti, who supported him at Everton, said everything was dark again when he left. The situation was exacerbated by the arrival of Rafael Benedetz, another coach than the Meringue team who had humiliated him and were not ready to work with him again.

So everything has progressed until today’s uncertainty, until James, who was without a place on the Colombian national team, solves his physical condition problem, shows that he is here to call and clarify his relationship with Reynolds Ruda after the controversial statements when he was rejected for the Copa America.

He reached the Qatar Stars League, the football championship without a match where money and money prevailed. Bloppers In every game. If the real conflict is reduced to three teams and the injuries do not continue to torture him, surely his talent will give him something to speak of in such a situation.

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Qatar has one more year left to resolve the issue of his reservation for the 2022 World Cup and he will play at home if he continues to play in this country. The countdown began for James Rodriguez. (D)

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