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What Tesla CEO Elon Musk is looking for.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Corporation is looking for new professionals. For this reason, the Artificial Intelligence Day was held, where the founder of the company demonstrated the progress they had made in the field of artificial intelligence. This event led to Jason Aten, a specialist in technology and innovation, for example a tweet In it, Elon Musk explains the four characteristics he expects from his employees.

Among those requested by Musk, four were described that relate more to human capabilities than to technical ones. and this is:

  • work ethics
  • A knack for building things
  • Common sense
  • credibility

Yes, the billionaire prioritizes this knowledge over technical issues because, according to musk, “We can train the rest“.

1. Work Ethics

Musk points to the fact that he needs people who are 100% loyal to their work, work hard and deliver the results the company expects. “Ready to fully immerse and work for the company’s common goal.”

2. The talent for building things

While Musk probably refers to literally the ability to build things, it also relates to the ability to make plans and achieve company goals.

3. Common sense

Common sense is of vital importance to the business owner, because it is essential for the business team to make good decisions and, therefore, to be able to delegate work safely.

4. Reliability

“Hiring someone untrustworthy, just because they have a great degree or experience, is a mistake. Even when there is a lot of work to be done, it almost always ends up paying more in the long run when you have to fix the problems they cause.” Elon Musk decides that an untrustworthy person may not be ideal for his company.

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Finally, the millionaire and astronaut’s recommendation is: “All you need to look for as a Head of Human Resources is proof that the candidate has exceptional ability and if he or she has any achievement or triumph to back it up.”

Musk also emphasized that when interviewing his future workers, he often asked them to give a brief summary of their careers and to describe some of the more difficult problems they had to deal with and how to solve them; This shows that for someone to hire him, common sense and logic prevail to overcome problems. (I)

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