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Mexico City- Christian Nodal and Belinda star Pairs Very controversial since the show started Relationship Have received harsh criticism, however the two decided to beat any rumors Get involved

But a few days ago the Sonoran singer destroyed all traces “Ojiverde“Something Anxiety To his fans and many thought it was even one The breakdown of love.

Due to this strange situation The median have taken this thing, some people think it is marketing but many have come Criticize for sonorense.

In planning Today Section “What are you talking about” They started talking about the various topics of the show, the whole legal situation she had to face about Laura Posso, and of course the couple. Nodal y Belinda.

The Drivers The discussion was attended by Andrea Escalona, ​​Martha Figueroa, Claudia Silva and reporter Sebastian Resantis. Actress And the composer could have finished, and each began to give opinions.

For his part Martha Figueroa Commented that they had removed or stopped following Social Websites, Which does not mean anything Claudia Silva He added that this is a very important issue.

But it was up Sebastian Resondis Commented that Christian Apparently working “ad” has already “joined” Belinda, The only thing they are looking for is attention.

What is happening here is that Belinda teaches Christian nodal tricks because remember that Christian is a stupid guy and not good. Now he is learning those advertising tricks, ”said the driver.

Picture of Andrea Escalona Placeholder Used the opportunity to say that Christian Always classified as a person Very warm and beautiful, But he may have been surprised
From the arrival of the famous singer.

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Martha Figueroa If the rumors are true, I believe it is his Ring Save it, it refers to the wealth the artist has spent.

But what caused the controversy was the class opinion he stated Sebastian Noting that he had the beginning of the nodal in mind, he confirmed what he had Knee and elbows “injured” Before he had an affair with the translator of “Bella treason”.

Before I met Belinda, I did not forget that Christian Nodal was injured in the elbows and knees, ”Sebastian concluded.

Before some occurrence Users They expressed their annoyance at the release of the video, where they commented that commenting is different and commenting is different.
“Disgusting” to the general public.

Until now Christian Nodal Not commenting on it, he has now republished his photo Dedication With him மணப்பெண், The situation that gave peace to many.

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